Renoise Rewire Rebirth Windows 7

im trying to use rebirth with rewire, but it doesnt show up on the rewire in device.

it could be something to do with windows 7 as i had a lot of work to do to even install rebirth.
if you want to know how i got rebirth working take a look here:
seems a shame i cant get it rewired after all that trouble

perhaps i have missed something on renoise?

any help?

i dont know
its a new computer and theres nothing on it yet

if rewire doesnt work on 64 bit that is bad news for a lot of people

anyone know of a good free 303 vst lol

Not free, but if you look around at the KVR marketplace forum for a bit or post a WTB there, you might get D16 Phoscyon for roughly 30 to 35 EUR. Best sounding 303 VST i have heard personally and if you use it a lot probably worth the small investment.