Renoise Rewire Sampling

Hello guys, I ve been playing around in renoise demo version for some time, but actually I would like to use let’s say reason or ableton live synths in my renoise projects. I know that there’s something like instrument grabber, but I wonder if it would actually sample intruments in other re-wirer’d applications? Is it possible through the intstrument grabber or any other not-so-time-consuming way? Sampling manualy few octaves of synth would be a pain in the ass…

Thanks for help

The instrument grabber is actually called plugin grabber and it unfortunately only renders plugins.
You can sample external sources and you can also render down slave output, but you won’t be able to render down complete instrument layers and note ranges the way the plugin renderer does.
It might perhaps be extended in a future Renoise update to also perform grabbing methods on external sources.

Oh, I see. Well, thanks for answering.

I should have added:You can render layered note ranges, but manually in an ackward way. But ofcourse that’s the time consuming approach you wanted to avoid.