Renoise Rewire Slave "free Bpm & Bar" Sync Mode

I would like to get some feedback for the alternative transport sync mode when running Renoise as ReWire slave. You can set this one in Renoises preferences when running Renoise as ReWire slave only.

The “free” sync mode allows you to use different loop settings & to jump around in the timeline without changing the ReWire masters position. Is this option somehow useful? Has someone here used & tried it?

Please don’t judge this feature/option in theory. If you never have tried it, try it first please ;) This is really hard to describe and thus also really hard to handle just in theory.

To give a practical example:
Slave Renoise to Reason or Cubase, use the BPM & Bar sync mode,
Set up a basic framework in the master that runs from start till end, then whip up a few patterns in Renoise that you would like to mix along in the song and then use the secondary queue (click the play marker of the next preferred pattern which is not in line with the song-sequence).

You can rearrange your pattern play modes live this way without distorting the basic play-line of the master.

im gonna have to try this rewired to plogue bidule

Something i will use quite a lot i think
I have some ideas for how the pattern selection could work because currently it is a bit of a killer and to be honest it is my main way of working
I love being able to just make a bunch of patterns and then select em on the fly as and when i see fit

If it could be done via MIDI and the mute solo was also MIDI Renoise would be my go to for live jamming next to my turntables (Oh wait it already is heheheehe) anyway it would make my life easier
Currently (And it may be my lack of knowledge) i find if i have so many patterns that they are off screen i cant scroll down with the mouse to pick one cause it moves patterns , I have to use cntrl+arrows to move the edit down to a different pattern and then play it

I know i’m probably out in an area most wont ever use Renoise in but it works so great hehe

I would love some kind of pattern selection screen for on the fly changing and if i thought you guys had the time i would do a mock up


EDIT* Why not anyways hehehe

Basically this would be a kind of live/touch screen mode
Large enough so that the scopes and patterns could be triggered on a touchscreen and allow you to just do mad stuff on the fly
Personally i would probably prefer to do it via MIDI using pads but still touchscreen is a coming technology if all the hype is to be believed so may be a nice selling point

But anyways this would really sort out a nice way to throw patterns around on the fly i think
Oh sorry about the size but the resize image bb code doesnt seem to work here


im well keen on being able to set loops in renoise without it affecting ableton live or other hosts of choice. i really appreciate that you implemented it. this is such a great thing for jamming at home…

you can detach the pattern-view from the play position in 2.1 (disable patternfollow icon), or do you mean something else?

Hmmm i cant see that icon
Where is it ?
Thanks for the help

Oh wait do you mean use the edit to select patterns
Yes thats what im doing


It is the second icon most right at the top left section of the screen. When de-pressed, the pattern doesn’t scroll & you’re free to move within patterns without the play position being affected. You can edit other patterns this way, great for live use building up ideas.

Yeah thats what im using now and using ctrl+arrows to move between patterns

I meant something else ;0
I’ll try and do a vid or something to explain better


i like the feature. it can lead to more experimentation with other hosts.

I have played around with ableton and renoise. It is great that you can live edit the patterns while playing. Next thing I try is to somehow mute the channels via midi maybe through Reaper.
I think it has a great potential, using some features of other Software that Renoise do not have (yet).

Tried out the RC1 version. Now in detatch mode, every time you start playback from either host or Renoise the position gets updated to an absolute position in the other program. So for example if you have loops at different positions you will jump out of one of them. Also if you set a loop in Renoise this will be set also in the host. If you have a loop in host this will not be set in Renoise.

Is this the intended behaviour? Wouldn’t it work better if Renoise started playback at start of loop or pattern when starting playback from host, and loops remained independent? I think so.

The loops should stay independent, yes. This should not happen.
But when starting from Renoise, where should we set the master to? If we set it to its last playback position we’ll break the bar sync. Setting it to the start of the song or loop start doesn’t make any more sense than the current behavior. Right now, all you get is free loops in both apps and the ability to change the playback position freely in Renoise while playing.

I think its good if its possible to define exact start positions for both Renoise and master. As long as playback from host starts Renoise at start of pattern/start of loop then this can be achieved.

Maybe your idea about ‘drum machine sync’, where Master playback starts/stops Renoise playback, but Renoise start/stop is independent, is the best way. Cause there really is no good position to jump the host to when starting Renoise.

Another idea is to start the host at the start of its loop if there is one defined.

This is fixed for 2.1 final (happened with the block loops in Renoise only)

Dunno. Whatever we do, it seems not be ideal for every situation. Lets keep what we have now, thats at least something some people got used to…

I guess this really depends on what kind of software you’re using as a master. Live in session mode works great as it is now, but when you switch to arranger mode I’d rather not have Renoise touch anything (location/play). Same with Reaper, I don’t really want it to move to location bar anywhere.

Maybe a third option is in order in the Sync Mode drop down menu? Or a separate button somewhere on the main interface to set the level of sync.

Alright, another (last) attempt in order to get drum-box alike behavior in the free sync mode.

  • Starting Stopping from Renoise, will not rechase and not start/stop the master
  • But Starting/Stopping from the master will now start/stop Renoise as well

This is more or less what you get when MIDI clock syncing your drum machine in pattern mode to a sequencer (Renoise is the drum machine here).

This way Renoise will never mess around with the masters transport, and you can load (+ start/stop) new songs in Renoise while the master is still running. Then without stopping/restarting the master, kicking in Renoise again.

Playing back & loading multiple songs in Renoise while the master is still running, could also be useful for live playing scenarios. Thats somthing we lost with the last changes in RC1.

I’m not a fan of a dozen of configuration settings for this. This already now with two options is complicated enough. Lets get the modes we have now right, then think about others…

Sounds great. This is probably what you had in mind already but if not, I would suggest that starting from Master doesnt chase Renoise, but starts at the beginning of the current pattern (or loop).

Yes, it will not chase, but start playing at the nearest “bar start” in Renoise then…

But now where you mention it: Using the beginning of the current pattern (or block loop) makes more sense than using a bar. Just tried this here and it feels “right”.

I’ll release a RC2 today or tomorrow so we all can have a look at this again. 2.1 final is very near now…