Renoise Rnp Edit (available Now)


Editor and demo ins+parts


i saw the video already before :P
But still… Hmm… I still don’t get it. Can you explain how is this useful or what can I do with it?

I only recorded it this morning

What use ?
Reusable parts


ok i just tried it,like you did in the video,and i get no sound???

It is some kind of clipboard code paster that automatically changes the instrument number before it pastes the XML data into Renoise. You have to load some multisample instrument to get his example working, but you probably just can make your own snippet by selecting it in the pattern editor, copy it to the clipboard and then saving it as .rnp file.

I know Bungle is going to like 2.6 then… would save you from the hassle of switching forth and back to an external application, plus you can assign internal shortcuts :D

i think im a retard,cant get this working with any of my renoise-instruments,gonna take a break and try later,otherwise i will wait for ver 2,6 and see what the notorious bungle comes up with :P

There is already a script that does a few very nice tricks. As a matter of facts, there are quite a few kickass scripts made by various Alpha team members that forfill some feature requests that have been requested on the suggestions forum as well.
I’m not going to reveal what, but there is plenty of example material to play with when the API get’s released so it should give lots of you a tremendous kickstart to get going…

If it comes processing pattern editor or sequencer material in offline mode, lots of feature-requests on that area can be withholded until 2.6 comes out.

WOW that sounds niceeee,really looking forward to that :dribble: :ph34r: :w00t:

The instrument and patterns in the rar file should work fine sns ???