Renoise Running On Phlak W/ Cedega


with file loaded

phlak 0.3 is running exceptionally clean, also the wifi support is outstanding.

atm im having a bit of trouble getting cedega to remember my settings (vst folder, themes, file locals) i think i might have found a solution for using my echo io pcmcia card but my intel (inside the laptop) seems decent enough for now, i think its using an emulated alsa module.

i’ll post some more when i figure out the configs a bit more and make some screenies with some plugins loaded.

What is Phiak? Another WINE emulator? - Professional Hacker’s Linux Assault Kit

Now you can track while you hack… :D

the name sounds like one of the most lamer things ever conceived :)

hey, are you a dev? if you are i have plenty of things you could be doing. :D

well i almost have my echo indigo io drivers compiled, it seems some of the vstis do some pretty nasty shit to renoise, but so far renoise is running about the same as in windows, but this is without any vsti’s running. have to find all of my reg files for the non free vstis to put in cedegas transgaming windows directory
i was using an older version of cedega and i upgraded to 4.3-2 and it now remembers the vsti folder settings, themes & file locations :)

cedega makes a file structure layout as drives so all of your mounted partitions become read only drive letters inside renoise.

while i was reading the subscription page on transgaming (cedegas developers)
i noticed a really good idea.

a reason to give the devs more loot AKA a reason for the devs to implement things users are asking for AKA fixing gui problems AKA …