Renoise Runs Under Linux

Just an FYI,

Got renoise running today under Linux Mandrake 9.1 with WINE. It actually works pretty well, i had to set the latency to about 60ms though. I plan on working on this a little more.

No real practical application use for running under Linux (yet), but I thought it was interesting.

Heh, yep. Just tried my newly acquired Renoise in Linux and it seems to work fine.

However, I think clicking the “Maximise” button on the window (which makes Renoise acquire fullscreen) might be causing it to crash WINE. I think that it probably tries to acquire something that WINE doesn’t support.

Try setting up wine to run in desktop mode at, say, 1240x768.

I’m using Linux Mandrake 9.1 and the latest source of WINE. Probably the same as shuteye.

Y’know…, I really need to check here more often… Had I known IT worked under linux, I may bot have been so eager to toast my mandrake linux 9.1 intsall…

The main reason I toasted my 9.1 Mandrake intall, and went back to windows, was because of an insensitive jerk in the IRC #linuxhelp channel by the nick "reality" who, at every turn.. was simply a jerk.. I went there to get help.. and he wasn't very helpful.. actually, at several points told me to 'rtfm' .. when.. in fact, the solution was not in any manual..

Problem Mandrake 9.0 - 9.1 Networking fails to start and X locks up…
Common causes: KT400 Chipset with builtin LAN…
Solution: Boot with “Force no APIC” argument in Grub/Lilo

I found this solution through google… and when I cam beakc to the room… I did a “back”… at whcih point this same jerk, has the bot send me a private message, htat basicly “away sucks” … I didn’t ask… so… I tols him in no uncertain terms that I hated him… and left…

Problem: that was my main resource for problemsolving my OS…

Solution: Windows… I can go juust about anywhere and find a solution for about any problem, mouch more easily…

The other reason was ebcause I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able use renoise … I have VMware, but… there was an audio problem last time I tried…

Another thing is linux is mnuch more effiecient than windows.. at EVERYTHING.. Tribes 2 had 30 more fps in Linux than in windows alone.. I played neverwinternights in linux.. and THAT was nice and smooth too..

I’m still considering doing a linux install on another drive I have… and seeing how far I get with it…

Hi Condore,

well, i had it also running well under Debian. All tracks working well. The only thing is, that wine crashes if i want to use VST instruments. Do you have the same problem or is it working with you?


firestARTer :slight_smile:

I guess the dll loader in wine doesn’t work proper at the moment. I tried that too sometimes ago with Renoise 1.0 and some little vsts. Renoise itself were running quite good (except a very slowwww gui) but I had also crashes then when I loaded a vst <_<.
Well this was version 20020804, maybe there’s a more actual one? Didn’t checked it…
I aslo tried it with wineX but unluckily I didn’t managed to get it working :angry:

This all was running under Suse 8.2 btw.


I got renoise working under Redhat9. Everything works fine except the keyboard. I does not function at all!

Any others with the same problem?

It is very important to configure the resolution in Wine to make renoise work.
I added this line at the end of the wine config file, and now renoise works like a dream :)

“Desktop” = “1024x768”


I’m able to run Renoise on wine as well (without native windows dll’s). There are three issues I would like to see resolved before I can finally ditch my windows partition: The keyboard doesn’t work (at all!), ASIO doesn’t work (so I’m not able to use my external gear) and it crashes occasionaly.

I think the keyboard issue is a very simple issue to resolve. I don’t know if renoise or wine need to be fixed for this, but it would be nice to at least have this problem resolved. Renoise is totally unusable without a keyboard.

About ASIO: This is hard to fix, because afaik wine needs direct hardware access to the soundcard for this to work. I wonder if this will ever work at all, hopefully someone will create some kind of ALSA wrapper for this, but I realize that’s not top priority for the wine team atm. I suck at coding, otherwise I would’ve done it myself.

However it’s very nice to be able to at least play my songs in linux without having to boot windows. I’m using Gentoo linux with the latest wine release (20031016).

I hope the Renoise team can at least try to resolve the keyboard issue. You would make me (and I think a lot of other linux users out there) VERY happy :)

I can live without ASIO and the occasional crash. It’s better than having to keep a windows partition, because Renoise is the only reason it’s still there.

A tutorial to run VST’s under Linux

A growing list of working VST’s

can somebody post an explanation of how to run renoise with wine on debian linux?