Renoise Score ?

Hey y’all, questions from a stressed out musician dealing with 4 deadlines in 2weeks.

I have to finish my endpresentation for school, and I’d like to be able to present something like a “score” from what I did in renoise,-> printed out patterns is what I need.

I haven’t found an option in Renoise to print out patterns, is there another way which allows me to take snapshots of individual patterns???



A screenshot with a large resolution and top/bottom panels hidden?

(Make a screenshot by clicking on the windows desktop (Renoise in windowed mode) and press print screen.)

Hey man, what you could do is send your instruments to midi out and record it with cubase or some other MIDI program. There are tons of options available to treat and print MIDI data, but it’s going to be a chore to do it.

But that wont look as good as patterns. :lol:

Yeah, the problem is you have to make it look good then. But the point is, then you have the raw data which is more easily manageable.

Maybe there’s a midi tracker out there which supports printing?

in the future, an XML-based RNS document will make your task much easier to achieve

Print screen sounds like a good idea, just make sure you have a "black-and-white"theme in renoise before copying.