Renoise sending individual values via Midi

Hey my most beloved Usergroup!

I would like Renoise to send single values as midi as it is possible to send one instrument’s data as midi.
I’ve seen nothing like that online, either there is nothing or I wasn’t able to understand it - Neurogami made some more complex stuff with OSC and midi, but I don’t think it’s what I’m looking for…

So I got several questions - for one, would it be possible to implement something like this in the first place?
I guess it would need some LUA effect that is able to recieve a value which then somehow passes that value on…?

Would love to know if that is possible and if so, I’d gladly nerd myself into the stuff as long as I know where to get the information needed.

Just to tell why I need this: We built what technically is a giant MPD right now consisting of 8 Drumpads, 4 Faders made of ultrasonic ranging modules, a fidget spinner and an autotuned microphone with swichable modes. The thing is set up on festivals and parties and can be freely leftover to the crowd once it’s done, which already led to some mad jam sessions. :smiley:
We’re constantly trying to improve it (pulse sensor coming in soon, oh yea), where one thing would be a lightshow that is controlled by the people.
It’s possible to do this with the usual midi routing, but the sound coming out of the machine is way more complex than the signals getting in and often would look detached… :frowning:

Thank you people <3

Nice thing, I only understand half of what you’re doing, but sounds cool by purpose. Great idea giving the control to the audience for fun!

There is a renoise native effect “Instr. Midi Control”. This will send midi info to an instrument, like bend, cc,… In the Instrument itself, you can go to the “Midi” tab next to effects, modulation, plugin… You can set up midi receive and also set up an output device where midi is going to be sent to from the instrument action. It can also send note data.

If you wish to get the instrument midi device into the effects section of the instrument, you have to put it into a doofer in a normal track, the doofer can be copied to the instrument effects section.

There are many tricks possible, to define the behaviour of the midi data sent. Like using formula devices to finetune the behaviour, or using dummy samples and signal followers, to turn envelopes into midi cc…

I like doing such things for distraction, maybe I can help you to set something up, if you can describe what you wish to do in detail.

Mmmmh I guess I’ll have to try to explain where I want to go otherwise…basically,
I’d take a value (like from a signal follower or hydra or whatever) and send it to something external, like an VJ Program oder another device via Midi.
Renoise, as far as I see, only allows to send note data from its instruments…but not values I selected individually.

I guess it needs OSC/Puredata trickery or something…
thanks for your fast answer nonetheless! <3

Use the hydra/signal follower into the “instrument midi device”, choose a CC in the device, and configure the output in the chose instrument in the midi tab. In the midi tab you should see the output. To route on the midi, you will have to use OS level midi routing programs. You only get 7 bit midi ccs, no 14 bit yet.

Ouuuuh you knew what I was looking for, now I actually got it. Aaaand obviously it already is implemented. :smiley:
Big thanks for explaning & sorry for not being able to read the manual well enough.
I hope there will be showable results in a while :slight_smile: