renoise setup for live session

Hi everybody,

So I began using and testing renoise just a few days ago. I am running a archlinux laptop and I would like to buy renoise, but first of all, I’ve got few questions.

I would like to setup renoise with my akai apc mini,seems duplex extension is the good choice to do so but didn’t find out how to install any extension.

Then I would like to use renoise to live record voice loop (like anyone would do using sooperlooper for instance), but don’t know if I can do that with renoise and if, how to do that the “easy way”, means using the apc mini to trigger loop recording then trigger loop play

So questions are :

  1. how to install an extension (duplex for exemple) in renoise on linux plateform

  2. how to live record and trigger loop (voice or instrument) while playing a song


hey, I use that exact setup for live performances (arch, renoise, mpk mini). nice. I also run reaktor with wine-rt

to install extensions just drag & drop them to renoise

on duplex, you could select akai lpd8 as device; it work wonders

what I do to live loop audio is routing a send track to sooperlooper, and then use an instrument as fixed midi output to sooperlooper; its almost like having the looper integrated into renoise because you can boot just the sl server and it will receive your midi assignments just fine. not answering any questions here, just wanting to share this info


there is a doofer preset called ‘looping echo’, it works great, but this way you have to stick to a specific loop size (this preset is based on a delay device)


great ! thanks for sharing this informations kitdkut :slight_smile:

My controler is a Akai apc mini ( And right now (but just tried 2 hours ago…) I couldn’t make it work correctly with renoise. Will try wit the lpd8 device in duplex and see how it goes.

I don’t really understand how you use sooperlooper with renoise. one thing that is really annoying for me in sl is that I have never managed to get it sync correctly between loops or with an external program (such as seq24 or the promising giada loop machine). If you could give me more details on your setup renoise+sl it would be great.

up till now, my setup was archlinux, jack2-dbus, qsynth (for piano soundfont and rhodes soundfont), festige to run some great windows vst (V-station, Bass-station, ms20 korg …) of course using wine-rt, + non-mixer and some ladspa/dssi plugin for mixing voice + vocoder + all previous synth/soundfont. I intend to use renoise to launch scene, then be able to play some keyboard improvisation and live record some loop (like backing vocals) and trigger them at the right time in the right scene… just beginning and feeling that this would be a hard work, so any help is very much welcome.


oh, I should give non-mixer and festige a try. I never got to get festige running; I’m using airwave to run windows vsts

here is the patchage view of my audio and midi routings between renoise and sl

then, you go to this tab of any instrument


and here is where you assign that instrument to send midi messages to sl


of course you have to set your midi bindings on sooperlooper (record, overdub, etcetera) for this to work

also, if you want to sync sl to renoise, you have to enable ‘jack transport sync’ in preferences > audio > device Settings in renoise. then, on sl, click on ‘sync to’ until “jack/host” is selected

maybe this tip works for you: each instrument can be quantized to play (or output midi) on intervals fixed to lines, beats or bars, and I guess this is intended for live use. if you want to record loops that have, say, a lenght of n beats, you could choose “beats” on that quantize dialog and every midi message will be sent on a beat synced time basis (does this make any sense? my english is that of a chair) anyways, here is where that dialogs are found:


to launch all this setup I did a script that launches renoise and sooperlooper and then, using jack_connect (jack2-dbus here too), connects sl to renoise. I run sl gui-less with this command:

sooperlooper -q -p 9951 -l 1 -c 2 -t 40 -m /home/<user>/.sooperlooper/default_midi.slb

that’s pretty much all that comes to my mind right now about sl and renoise. glad to know someone is willing to use a similar setup! I’ve done 2+ hours shows and everything worked smoothly all the time


Hourra ! You made my day kitdkut :wink: I’d never thought of using sooperlooper this way (midi event to start recording and stop recording at the end of the pattern. seems cool, and I am going to test it asap. I’ve listened to your soundcloud music and it’s really cool, I particulary like init. did you produce all this songs using renoise ?

I never use reaktor, what kind of different features does it provides you that don’t already provides renoise ?

And one more question, did you manage to have the mpk working correctly ? I can “midi map” my apc using duplex but the lights on the apc mini doesn’t light correctly… I need to get it running with qmidiroute to debug and see what kind of midi events needs to be send to the apc mini in return.

So now I know how to install an extenion in renoise and I have an idea on what setup I should use for live session, think I’ve got long working nights coming :slight_smile:


thanks for listening to my songs! :walkman: and yes, I produced all of them in renoise

I find reaktor a great complement to renoise and vice-versa; sample playing, sequencing and mixing capabilities of renoise get along very well with synthesis and sound processing capabilities of reaktor. plus, I like the ‘modular’ approach to audio and device routing in reaktor, and how well it integrates with osc
live mixing in renoise is a bliss if you use the ‘show sliders’ option on each device in renoise’s ‘mix’ view, also

the mpk worked just by plugging it in… so maybe this helps:

you have to select the mpk as ‘in’ and ‘out’ device on duplex, and you have to map your pads CCs to what shows in duplex dialog:

pad CCs: 110 to 117, knobs CCs 21 to 28

mpk mini editor software works on wine, so no problems with that (I guess you knew that already :P)
once you’ve configured it correctly, duplex is gonna light up your pads whenever is needed

is this what you meant?

hope all this helps!