Renoise Shirts

Hey! I want a renoise shirt but I want this one and it’s not in the shop:

Where/How can I get it? I don’t want the shirt with only the logo…

simple as hell, ever heard about stencils?!


all you need is:

-overhead projector sheet
-sharp scalpel
-canvas dye
-favorite blank t-shirt/hoodie

print out renoise logo from…enoise_logo.png.
Put overhead projector sheet on top ov print and cut out letters with scalpel (remember to save letter O-middle). make as many prints you want from your stencil. that’s it! any questions more?!

ah man…

I guess I’ll do it if there’s no other options, but the idea is getting a shirt and encouraging renoise at the same time ;)

I have that same shirt and I bought it from the shop.

It’s the logo on the back and renoise on the front.

Ahhh thanks!

I guess I’ll just wear my shirt backward!