i was very skeptical at first, coming from impulse tracker, but i just wanted to say that renoise is honestly the sickest program ever. so many good things in there, and while i still ahve a lot of awkward moments where i don’t know how to do something as quickly as i would like (the pattern list / order list still mystifies me), i realise more and more how awesome thep rogram is. what put me over yesterday was the sampler in the program, and being able to play the track in the background while sampling at the same time, sick!!

anwyays i will definately be registering as soon as i have money, it will be only the 2nd program ever i will purchase, after impulse tracker that is

good job everyone holy shit!!




so it is possible to record in the unregistered version?

same! :yeah:

nice to see those very positive reactions of new Renoise users.
welcome aboard!

It’s the first tracker since IT that I’ve been completely comfortable with…I even started using it nearly 2 years after my last IT track and having played with piano roll programs during that time and still felt like I just found the holy grail. It’s not the most perfect music program (none will ever be, methinks), but it’s definately the one that has the best and most natural workflow…I mean…the tedious task of creating/editing samples (if that’s your thing…which that IS my thing) is built into the program, so you technically never have to leave the program to build a song from scratch. I’d say that feature alone sold me on ReNoise.


it’s so nice to have reverb and other effects… after making do for so long with that one lowpass filter and home made echo and flange

Yes, if not the best, Renoise is one of the best trackers ever. I hope to see a day that it provides all the needs of an electronic music producer, it really has the potential. :) Thanks to the developers.

More old Impulsers coming to Renoise :). That’s neat.

Former Impulse Tracker-user here too. :)

Former Screamtracker 3 user here. Just registered Renoise :)

haha ST3… i hope you mean, before you went to impulse tracker

This order sounds very familiar… (If registering UltraEdit doesn’t count)


hear hear!

I wen’t straight from OctaMED & almost creamed my pants!

Then I bought it :)

I’ve come from Cubase SX3. First tracker I’ve had, and I really like it. Good job renoisers.

Welcome welcome ! Renoise is indeed sick but one thing needs to be said tho ! Ft2 > It2 :w00t: :yeah:


i have used just about every first and second generation tracker there is, and they are all good. one is NOT better than the other, it is just a matter of what you are comfortable with. HOWEVER… the IT fileformat is better than XM. there is no discussion. NNA and filter support is enough to explain why.

and for renoise… best piece of music software that ever has existed. and for me, best software ever bare none :)

cheers and have a good weekend everyone,

haha lol yeah i know mate but i miss those times when we were arguing if ft2 is better than it2 or not :)

FT2 is k0r3.

IT2 is not.

(and FT2 has nibbles)

(and funny quit messages)

(and ironic labels here and there)

(and configurable number of stars in the credits panel)

Actually, I never tried it… maybe I’ll download it and get my copy of DOSBox out ;)