Renoise Signal Straight To Winamp Spectrum Analyzer

I saw a dream last night where the song playing in renoise went straight to winamp’s spectrum analyzer. Well you can do that in waking life, too. :) Just if someone hasn’t tried this yet: select “wave” from your mixer’s recording settings and open url “linein://” in winamp and play it. Then every sound your computer makes goes into winamp’s spectrum analyzer. :P Press ctrl+a in winamp to make it always on top so you can tweak sounds in renoise and watch their spectrum in winamp. I personally like winamp’s spectrum analyzer very much and it’s a handy tool for mastering.

That’s what i call a funny tip! :D
Also, some external Winamp dsp plugins also work nicely as vst fx in Renoise.

Ehm… Bad people might also try to use the diskwriter with this hint…

I said “some”, not all… (up till so far i only managed to get the HRTF plugin working :P )
There are enough diskwriter plugins, none of them do rendering in the background though.
So even with that solution, it makes Renoise still rather limited.
And a diskwriter plugin also eats cpu.

even if you manage to diskwrite what renoise outputs live its sound quality is worse than in rendered tracks. check it with cooledit’s spectrum analyzer. higher frequencies are missing. so bad people, buy your software for real quality! :)

I tried that once. I played the stuff with my ASIO-Hyper-Mega-Ultra-Soundboard and recorded it with the linein of my cheap onboard-soundcard.


  1. The quality is lousy (Analog recording)
  2. The frequencies are heavily modified
  3. The CPU-usage is so high that with more than 3 VSTis you can only pray that the sound wouldn’t crack

I am so glad that I can use the WAV-renderer. Better soundquality