Renoise Skin Like The Forum´s Theme

is there something like this; a skin that looks like this forum…i´m serious!?

if not i would like to make one!


Hi there,

Check out the theme called “igotnolegs-buzzed”.
This looks quite close to the forum ;)

Another one you might like: “bantai_khaki_jeans” ^_^

How 'bout the other way around? I’d like to see a Renoise default themed forum :D

I made one today! You can download it here. that one kb :P

In 1.5 there was a theme called o_web theme3.xml that had the same colours as the forum. :)

I’m with Void Pointer here. We need a Renoise themed forum for those late night sessions :slight_smile:

the theme igotnoleg - buzzed is close but i think my monitor color settings arent right.

The selection in the sample editor is the same color as the unselected area, making this skin unusable.

nice one, the selected-area-colour-in-sample-editor problem is easily fixable…i’m going to give this one a go for a while, except, i’ma turn down the brightness a bit.

Yeah I noticed that to, its easy to make it red :) I also noticed the vu’s in the dspchains are purple :lol:
See it as a beta then ^^

Thanks, I’m working with it on my mac, actually pretty happy about it, tho’ I really like the black and orange skins in the ‘renoise skins’ topic.

hhmm…link is dead <_<


To make it even more confusing as to which window you’re typing/composing in when you’re half asleep? :P