Hello Renoise forum,

I saw that there is[options,] filename, rendering_done_callback)

but I did not see an option to set that would let that function render each individual track…

Im trying to make a tool that will let me easily render stems of a song so that I can give them to someone who is non-Renoise friendly.

Does anyone know if there is a function or option that I have overlooked?

The trick is to enable and disable the tracks that you want to be involved, not want to be involved.
You might want to spy inside the Freeze Track tool, that does a similar thing. Though the tool is for 2.8, it might be just a few adjustments to make it work in Renoise 3.0

You’re aware that renoise can already render all tracks/patterns into single files? (Two checkboxes in the rendering dialog)

That said, the Freeze track tool is good starting point indeed.

something like:

local render_items = {}
function fill_items() end
-- recursively render all items in the table
function render() 
    for all_items do
        if not item.rendered then
           item.rendered =, render())