Renoise Songs

I found some very VERY cool tunes here which I would
buy if they wouldn´t be free ;)
unfortunately half of the downloads are dead :( fix that.

I want to thank all the renoise users, specially :

celsius, celsius-Resurection-remix.mp3

G-Tune, G-Tune_-_Lightningride.mp3

nula, gruel.mp3, ZZzzZZZz :)

It-Alien, It-Alien_Just_for_Funk.ogg, you´re great drummer !
this song reminds me to “Primus (Suck On This) - Tommy the Cat” (track 6)

, It-Alien_thinking_of_nothin.ogg, you should try doing metal man :)

IoDean, IoDean - OperationWAR.mp3, very interessting style.

keith303, llab002b_keith303_-_electro.ogg

PeriSoft, perisoft-polytron.mp3

Phantom Lord/CMS, pl-karan.mp3,
this is the style I love ;), please fix your dl-links,
would like to hear more of your stuff.

Prophecy2000, Prophecy2000_-_Acoustic_Sui.mp3, great work !

reverie, reverie-72levelbus.mp3

Helvetikon, wboy.ogg

Xander Pills, xander_pills_-_we_created_you_too.mp3

xerxes, xerxes-your_loss.mp3

unknown :

darksable_high.mp3 (!)
Electronic Tour V.mp3
in_the_wood_of_love_high.mp3, interessting style

keep it going guys, this is pro !
renoise team should think about a CD release, :)
this tunes are not worth the bad mp3/ogg quality.

We need a search function on the songs page. <_<

You can still send me money if you want ;)

actually I did: some of my old XM modules where something like metal:
try Voci nel sonno (1998)
Phobia k38 (1997)

Some other songs have moments of metal like sound, but this is more like hard progressive rock.

darksable songs are by med
ETV should be by Juan Manuel Avila
Today is by… well… by Vohaul :)

seems to be broken. ?

thanx for the info :D

just do an search for music on (keyword : it-alien)

ah, nice :)

err… sorry for non working links… I should check them before posting :)

I would add:
Heart Quake (by me and my firend AntAnio, 1996)

Need to suffer (progressive rock/metal, 1997)

Chased by a Phantom (speed/progressive metal, 1997)

I Hear my Conscience (sort of doom metal, 1997)

eXtending Memory (err… ambient rock?)

Death of Dance (techno metal, ahrahrahr :drummer:, 1998)

Vari Pensieri (progressive/space rock, 1998)

edit: use XmPlay or be lame :)