Renoise + Sonic Charge Microtonic


is it possible to drag a midi file without restarting the project?

I use a sonic charge microtonic and when drag midi file, it creates a new project that is a hindrance.

2425 111.jpg


Currently I don’t believe it is. Only way around it is to use two instances of Renoise and copy and paste between them.

bad. im a osx user ( strating 2 renoise isnt posible.


import and export midi is very strange.

No, this is not true?

Either 1) Copy the ‘’ to ‘Renoise_Copy.App’ and launch the copy

Or 2) at the prompt type:

open --new /Applications/  

thnx but dont work copy/past effect )


When I worked at pc I use the clipboard (copy/past) to work with the sounds in sound forge. in osx it does not work

are you sure, you’re copying and pasting right? You need to make sure the pattern editors both have focus when copying in one Renoise instance and pasting it in the other. I’m sure it can be done, you’re probably doing something wrong here.

I just tried copy/pasting from one Renoise to another, works fine. I’ve been on OSX since 2004.

It’s XML at the end of the day.

More details please? What version of Renoise are you using?

OSX snow leopard 10.6.8 renoise 2.7.2

ouch!!! trouble this funcktion just copy/paste with waveform. in the pattern copy/paste its ok. sorry

Yeah it is really bugger that drag /drop/import midi onto renoise resets renoise .
Developer should fix this soon , verry basic functionality

did dragndrop to renoise ever worked?
iirc, nothing (audio & midi) is dragable to renoise from a plugin.
and… microtonic is gold. not a single showstopper- bug.

YEp …drag and drop samples onto renoise works .
The midi drag .drop is an added feature in microtonic …is not a showstopper that it doesn’t work …since you can sequence each channel /part from microtonic directly from renoise and assign a midi channel to each separate part of microtonic …
Still it would be handy