Renoise Soundcloud 2015 Playlist

Renoise Soundcloud 2015 Playlist

Last year I posted a similar thread to this group and everybody added to this list. It also gives some exposure to the more unknown Renoise music creators out there.

Here is a link to last years post.

Please post your personal favorite renoise song you released on soundcloud in 2015.

I would like to create a playlist on soundcloud of renoise composers.

First 20 40 submissions will be included in my playlist.

Looking forward to your submitions.

Daniel Barton a.k.a. HeartBeatHero

Great Idea, thank you!

Unfortunately being new to Renoise, I don’t have anything up on Soundcloud yet written in it.

I am in the process of changing this, I have an album i am working on, though it may take some time (which does not really qualify me for choosing a favourite track from 2015).

As it is, I only have tracks that date back from early 2000’s to 2007 written in other software. So maybe I will be ready for the next one?

Awesome. Just make great tracks this year and join in next year. :slight_smile:

I posted more than 50 tracks last year, haha, how do i pick one? :badteeth:

Thanks for doing this man!

My favourite would have to be this one:

ThanksHeartBeatHero for doing this and for telling me about it. Much appreciated.

My favourite song, also the song most listened in Soundcloud from all my songs, is the 5th song of my last LP TURBOcharger:

ThanksHeartBeatHero for this opportunity! Happy 2016 all!!!

I think my favourite one is :slight_smile:

Happy 2016!

edit: if soundcloud does not embed…

Thanks for letting me know …

As for a personal favourite … i think its

And the very best for the upcoming year :smiley:

I have decided to go for this one:

I think this is my favorite work of this year. Thank you, Daniel for this topic and thank you to all renoisers for your creativity. Lets make more cool noise in this year!


Great! I am looking forward to the compilation! :slight_smile:

My contribution would be:

Happy super highly Renoisy productive 2016 HeartBeatHero!


this one’s probably my favorite from last year:


I haven’t counted to see if there is room for me, but if there is, this is probably the most fun tune from what has not been a very productive year, music-wise.

don’t know if i got in on time and i produce music at such a terrifying rate and am without a pro account such that this song would naturally be recycled in 2 months time but

hell with it i’ll try to keep this one up

i’ve made 6 hours worth of music this last half year it is pretty hard to pick a fav out of that 6 hours of stuff, more so considering only 2 hours of the content is on soundcloud

enjoy my weird

“Scottsdale (Wildlife)”

Thank you Heartbeat for your reminder :wink: here my favorite, the fisrt one i released in 2015 i guess :

Thanks for your message Daniel ! Here is mine :

Ola Daniel,

thx for that reminder, here I am:

If I am too late … let’s reach out for 2017 … ;D

Greetings from Augsburg,


P.S.: Aaaah, and a happy new year too!