Renoise Soundcloud Playlist 2016

Renoise Soundcloud Songs 2016 (i decided just to edit this post :slight_smile: )

Hey Everybody!

Happy New 2017!

Comment below with your track. You will have two weeks in January to submit your track.

Here are the previous lists:

Looking forward to your submitions.

Daniel Barton a.k.a. HeartBeatHero

Great idea ! a good way to discover some tracks! yes a reminder will be nice thank you :slight_smile:

Nice one - I think I peaked too early this year!

The first track was made in December last year…so I guess the entry for mine this year is

Great idea Heartbeathero :slight_smile:

Zang. Hadn’t really considered this, at this stage I only have two tracks online. Guess that makes a decision easy :wink: Or i have one month in which to change that :slight_smile:

2017 is just around the corner. :slight_smile:


In the first place, I am glad that there is a producer who makes playlist of various artists! Thanks, Heartbeathero!

It was very hard to decide which track to choose from 2016 but in the end I chose the one with most likes and kinda positive feedback :slight_smile:

This is cool! Thanks HearBeatHero!! I will choose this:

Hi HB, I would choose this for this year !

I’m definitely submitting this one, probably my favourite track I’ve made:

hi ! I choose this one, hope you’ll like it

Hello HeartbeatHero,

great, thank you very much :slight_smile:

I would chose the latest from my tracks of 2016:

2016 saw my first proper label released tracks, something that would never have happened were it not for this great piece of software:

Happy new year guys :slight_smile:

Love this tradition, thank you HeartBeat!

Hard to choose, but for me it will be

Can’t wait to hear the full playlist for loads of diversity and unexpected styles!

Robb Walker congratulation for your label released tracks! :yeah:

And here’s my track! Easy choice indeed, I’m not prolific at all so I only had to choose between two, eheh.
Happy new Renoiseyear, Renoisers :smiley:

Happy New Year HeartBeatHero and all of you Renoisers!

For me, it’s gotta be this one:

As requested here my post.

Only one song from me in 2016 … so it’s the best :slight_smile:

Stirling idea HeartBeatHero. Great way to make content more accessible.
Please add mine:

Here`s one from me:

take care

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