Renoise Spotting In Recent Tofubeats Video

For those interested, Tofubeats is a big hip hop/pop/electronic producer in japan these days, he has a regular series of other producers taking part in sampling/beatmaking against the clock with other producers commenting. Interesting to see imdkm working in renoise!

Check out his other tunes

Hopefully you guys find this interesting :slight_smile:

i would like to know more, but no english subs

Watching his workflow, he’s got a lazer-like focus on the instrument editor until it’s time to start tracking. I know I tend spend a lot of time going back and forth, but then I’ve never finished anything in that short a time.

Renoise is hip hop to the core. This is the first of many I am sure

Leenoise… becos the Japs chaps don’t have ‘R’ in their pronunciation.

Renoise gate tutorial page so it’s assumed Japan has many users to warrant this.

Japan is also the world’s second largest music and entertainment market, second only to America and Hollywood.

I love his sampling. Hip hop rulez.

I would find it really tough to get something finished in 1 hour, thats a real challenge.

Looks like a nice setup in the room there. Trackball looks surprisingly comfortable to use as well.

Props to Tofubeats for giving Renoise exposure in Japan…( I think one of the renoise developers is from japan, there is also a japanese manual available ).

Ive heard some nice chilled hip hop beats coming out of Japan lately.

I like these ones by Evisbeats :

Japan is probably a cratediggers paradise, for those who use vinyl.

Japanese music releases were funky as hell in the 70s and 80s, underground funk soul stuff.

Also some of the 80s cheese songs have some unexpected sampleable parts. Like in the song below the first few bars could be good to sample, mangle and chop and screw, stutter. Just sounds sample-able to me :

I think one of the renoise developers is from japan, there is also a japanese manual available

That is untrue bro, Taktik discovered that site in a other older link and wanted to add this to the main site link page as we know it now around 2003. He did and apparently they communicated successfully. The owner of the site is another Renoise user just like us.

O.K. Japanese manual by Sato Takashi [sato]

satobox is not working directly on Renoise itself, but he’s certainly a valued member of the extended team, and we appreciate all his hard work over the years!

七転び八起き. 継続は力なり。

…kind of whack #tofu beat, though!

:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: