Renoise Staff

as far as i know taktik and phazze are in different countries as well as the others. so have these guys met personally? if they havent, i think its amazing that a group of ppl who havent met can make and produce a product at a profit (hopefully).

Well we haven’t met, but that doesn’t stop us working together :slight_smile:

You know I sometimes don’t make the difference between the net and real-life. I think you can work together using the Internet as a medium, and you can even find true friends.

I’ve known Euji Acha (former member of Cloud Nine, now releasing for Nenfiir Sadefrex) for almost 10 years now and we never ever met.

I know Celsius for 2 or 3 years and same for him…

And I consider those two guys as great friends of mine. :slight_smile:

taktik and pulsar have met for sure at
BreakPoint demoparty on Easter 2003.

I was there so I can confirm this :)

wtf are you moaning about?