Renoise Stand Alone + Vsti


I have been reading peoples suggestions of a ReWired Renoise an was just wondering if it were possible to create a multiple output VST version of renoise?

I.E. if programming gets too complicated maybe it would be satisfying for most of us (who have learned to make music with trackers and then been forced to move on to Sequencers) if the VST version was a bit more simplified than the stand alone. The VST effects and all ASIO processing could be done in the host sequencer.

Maybe the VST version could have the advantages of tracking and maybe be also used also to control the HOST sequencers VST instruments via MIDI or other possible routings (don’t know enough about programming so can’t really express my thoughts and I don’t really have a slightest clue what is possible and what’s not)

I’d just love this kind of possibility. I like using Renoise (demo still) as a standalone altough it would be superb to to take the beats to yet another level :)

Respect to you guys anyway - you’ve made my dream come true and created a stabile tracker that works in windows.

thumbs up!!!

I’ve read that sk@le tracker may provide that for you sometime, if i’m not mistaken. And I doubt Renoise devs have time for anything else than renoise itself, they are afterall doing this in their sparetime.

I can’t see why you want this in the first place, why not just use Renoise? Though you could try beg your local sequencer company to include a tracker pattern editor. ;)

That’s true, but given time Renoise will close that gap. I mean rather use resources on enhancing Renoise with arranger and pianoroll, than doing a “new app”.

If you want a vst version, the best thing you could do is to support them and register :)

I don’t think there will be a vst version in some time but if nobody who wants a vst version register there will cerainly not be a vst version…

just imagine the cpu power needed to run 3 instances of renoise… ;)


The reason people would benefit of a tracker plug-in inside a sequencer would definetely creating beats. IMHO there is no better way to compose breaks or house beats than using a tracker.

I’m sure that many people would buy even a bit simplified version of renoise VST that would be similar to FT2 - I.E. only play samples.

But. I’ll buy renoise in any case. This was just a thought to improve the software. IMO such option to use it as a stand alone or integrate with a sequencer might make renoise even more interesting and useful…

I think I wouldn’t be able to be a developer of any program… People want soooo much. And they all say that their suggestions are the most important… :blink:

woo, using renoise as a big drum machine… kinda wasted though, you can do lots more…

i think it’s an interesting concept too, but there’s not much demand as i see it. and the amount of work would be tremendous.

True… I’ve been tracking for 6 years before (the horrible day) I had to move on to sequencers <_< . I have not made a good track since or had the feel of being able to express my thoughts musically :).

So, Renoise seems like a remarkable piece of kit for me. All the key commands seem to be the same as 4 years ago when I was still able to run FastTracker on my machine. And now it even has midi iplemented…

Maybe the overall “sound” in these new songs I’ve created with synths and sequencer is more professional today, but as musical pieces the quality has suffered a hell lot.

Maybe you are all right. Renoise just might be better for anyone than a sequencer interface with bunch of tracker VSTs.

Some improvements must still be made to compete at certain fields but… we’re definetely on a right track here :)