Renoise Support Cd Contribute Now!

I’m going to organize the new renoise support cd that will include
renoise songs in .rns format renoise instruments in .rni format,
freeware vst’s and vsti’s, tutorials, themes, and anything else we can
fit on the cd.

If you wish to contribute instruments or samples, please be sure
they are categorized (BASS, LEADS, STRINGS, DRUMSOUNDS ETC)

While .wav samples are everywhere, .rni instruments (especially stereo ones) that are properly produced are not so common, so those are of specific interest to us,especially multi-sampled ones for the most usability.

We will be accepting all contributions and everyone who contributes
any content will be properly credited in the cd credits. Please be sure
that if you contribute instruments they were made with royalty free
samples, or better yet sounds you sampled yourself to be sure we
stay freeware and royalty free.

When the all the content is compiled and organized onto a cd I will
deliver that cd to the renoise main development team, where they
can be free to distribute it to both current and new registered users.

Most of us by now have a nice collection of instruments, freeware effects
and virtual instruments. If we all contribute and share our accumulated
resources both current renoise users, and especially new renoise users
will surely benefit.

I’m extremely pressed for free time but I will be custom sampling and
producing a large library of .rni instruments specifically for this
project as time alows. If everyone contributes just a few hours of their time for the greater good this could be an incredible cd to support renoise users worldwide.

Everyone please contact me via email if you have any contributions.


one note on redistributing freeware vst instruments : read the licence carefully, many autors dont want their software be redistributed without their permission. to be 100% sure, just ask each of them if they have any problems with that.

Yes I want to contribute! Give me a few days then I’ll sample some of the neatest patches of my synths in multisamples and save them as RNI!
I’ll put them online so you can download them.
great idea!

the same with samples!

Yes I plan on contacting each and every vst and vsti author to insure
they will allow their permission to bundle their works on the renoise
support cd.

This is an often imposed limit of freeware or gpl software not to be
bundled on any collections.

Any help on this adventure would be greatly appreciated.

The renoise support cd will only contain freeware (non demo) vst’s and
vsti’s as well as royalty free instruments and samples.

erm dude, we are already working on that since a week or so (check the board). ofcourse when we have finished this we can give you the collection. however, we currently do not look for every free vst, we did set some guidelines up which for example excluded vsts with more than 1,5 mb packed (because our goal is to make downloadable packs or bundles). so maybe just concentrate on samples/rni’s and I can give you the vst stuff once we are finished. (but then you can still look for the ones we havent checked at all because of those guidelines).


Now I have to record C#1, C#2… tm C#5 notes of 1 synth-patch in SoundForge, save them all as separate files and load them up in renoise, combine them and set the instrumentsettings in order to create just one single RNI file.

Why can’t just renoise reco… SLAP


Agree Kozmique :)

Looza&Cquencer: Yes, Co-work would be great. Maybe we can send our stuff (rns, rni, etc) to anyone of you both and all of it comes together on jabbanoising and the CD?

And plus: I finally have a reason again to connect my synth to the PC. :)
Chris, are you also sampling things from your S30? Because then I’ll sample less from my cs6x and sample more from the plugIn-Card and my guitar. Let me know, please :)

Hey sir Gilli!
I won’t sample from the S30…

Planning to do some access virus, ms2k and ks-rack stuff…

But It’ll take some time: Next month I have a whole month of freedom (have to work just 1 week)… so then the production will start! :)

Is there a deadline?

I’d be happy to work together with you looza. Since you guys already started on the vst/vsti’s and intend to make them downloadable, I will just
concentrate on samples and .rni instruments.

When we’re both finished I can add your packs to the content I have and we can combine the content.

Everyone please hold off on sending me any vst’s or vsti’s or links to them, please send those to looza instead, they have already started compiling them.

Send me your .rni instruments or samples please.

We can accomplish far more for renoise users by working together.


Forgot to reply to the deadline question, I didn’t have a deadline in mind quite yet, I will consider this and let everyone know.

Those devices you mentioned sampling sound great. I will be sampling an
oberheim ob-12, my redsound darkstar synths, Kawai k1 and k3, korg o1/w, korg poly 800, Nord lead,Roland d5 drumbrain, yamaha r-100 drumbrain,allesis sr-16 drum machine, as well as including samples of
patches I’ve made over the years on my pinnacle sound card and yamaha
synth daughterboard.

I’ll also be including some real drum samples, real bass samples and real guitar samples. I will also be including the very best of any royalty free
.xi instruments I can compile from my library.


Someone needs to contribute some FREE MAC VSTi effects to the support CD.