Renoise Technical Documentation French Translation

Information about the French translation of Renoise tutorials :

Hello, I have the big honnor to make the french translation of Renoise tutorials untill 2 month actually. I wanted to contribute to this wonderful project because my knowledge about the use of Renoise will be more skilled and after many requests from friends who had difficulty using Renoise and was not particularly familiar with the Shakespeare language, then i decided to do it.

When i started to translate, i asked immediatly to the Renoise team to put that translation on official website. They accept immediatly and gave me tools and all i was needing to do that translation in the best conditions and follow this project to the end.

U can see the work done on :

About me, my name is Thierry, my job is developper just out from school (so, a beginner ^^), I am not a great english / french translator but do not have too many difficulties with the English language. I leave actually in the south of France at Montpellier and have 31 years old.

Also, I am a part of Techno label widespread known as “Weasel Busters”. We did many tracks using Renoise since some years now. Before we was using old Impulse Tracker to make tracks :)

To conclude this short introduction, I would like to say that I really support the work done by the developers of Renoise and the availability of that complex software for free. I had in the past for example asked to the maintainers of Renoise to make a Linux release. I wasn’t think to be fulfilled one day, especially after, i imagine, the amount of work that has to be done for make Renoise working over Linux operating system.

Personally, I congrat all the team and I’m sure all the work done here will hopefully benefit to Renoise as well as many who wish to acquire more knowledge on this software and do best of the future tracks we will hear.

I will translate on a regular basis, but with a schedule loaded enough. I will translate surely and slowly but constantly. I am of course interested by your contributions if u got some french skills, to verify my translations for example, or help to translate and maybe create a small subteam. If nobody, then i’ll finish it alone :P

Thanks for attention.



Welcome to the community Thierry…
There are a few French Renoise users active here as well, so feel free to keep in touch with eachother…

Enjoy your stay!

Very cool Thierry!!

so… who’s in for making the english --> dutch translation?

Bravo, continuez, courrage!

Maybe the dutch guy who writes the english ones?

And thusly, why i’m not writing the french docs.


If i get paid 5000 euro’s per month, i would even take French classes and do the French translation myself.
But unfortunately, i have to do other work that supplies me that kind of income so i only have time to do the English one.
Mon Francaise est trés terrible, vous comprendez?

Oh, u didn’t said me i’ll be paid that price ??? Damn, stoping translating now :)

J/K :P

Kaneel, no problem to verify what i translated. contact me by pm or mail if u want.

What about…

Let’s take a few dutch renoisers that translate a few pages of the manual?
I’m in for let’s say… 10/20 pages
I’m not good with making pages with the images and all but I can translate pieces of text.
I’m sure someone can bundle it all together in the end right?

would be cool to have a:

is that a good idea vV?

… how many pages are there anyway?

Images and animations are done by me and posted in a generic spot else we would waste the same drive-space for a pack of the same images.
The French site also uses the same image origin the English does.
The text can be altered, i’ll consider, creating a new language folder is about 15 minutes of work.

The pages that have to be translated are mostly in the sidemenu which is not very much, but you also have second level linked pages like NNA and Note-Off which aren’t directly on the index.
Can’t promise anything about it will be set up quickly this week.