Renoise! Thanks For A Great Proggy

Im sure it was in this forum ages ago (might be mistaken) that i saw a ‘Renoise success story’ type of section or thread…forgive me if im wrong!

Ive been meaning to post for ages but never get time nowadays, but thought i’d quickly sign up to say thanks for a great program! :D
Sorry if this goes on a bit but just thought it might inspire people who think trackers are dead!

It was on another forum in 2004 that i posted a message that i wanted to start writing tunes (oldskool hardcore / rave) and i was looking for something like Octamed as i had a mate who was into it back in about 93 / 94 and i kinda knew how it worked!
Someone posted back saying that he’d tried the new version of Octamed and wasn’t overly impressed and that he’d found a programme called Renoise a week before and i should give it a go.
I downloaded the 1.28 demo and was well impressed…was 2 days in and knew i had to register and get the full version immediately!

The guy who told me about Renoise, called Stu, pm’d me about maybe doing a tune together sometime. We hooked up on MSN messenger and fired rns files back and forth and wrote our first EP in about 3 weeks.
Enormous Mouse Records was born!

Initially we pressed 100 vinyls for a laugh to test the water and started selling over internet forums…didn’t take long to shift them, so we decided to carry on.
To cut a long story short we are now on our 4th EP and have many tunes out on various record labels (i think about 24 between us) and its all down to Renoise.
We are now doing remixes for artists such as Ratpack, Baby D, and hopefully Tim Taylor from Fokus records and our tunes have been played in clubs all across the UK and Europe…and we’re off to Spain to play out tomorrow, again, all down to Renoise as when we play out pretty much all of our set is done on cd decks with tunes made on Renoise!!!

Sorry if this went on a bit…but its just to say thanks for such a great program. Its literally changed our lives!

All the best

Neil (dj nee)

Enormous Mouse Records

Hehe. Renoise is the L-Bomb.

The love bomb?

It always makes me happy to see people keeping this style of music alive. It’s what I grew up listening to and still love to this day. Congratulations and good luck in the future with your label.


Renoise is amazing.

I’d love to hear you do Timmy Taylor’s Horntrack… A true chaotic classic

Well sort of anyway.

Oddly enough, thats the one he wants doing! :lol:

B2vos kru inside.

in simple, laymans terms…how much does something like that cost…?

ah! who’s this?

im sure you can get cheaper in the uk…but we went to Rand Muzik in Germany as their pressings are nice and loud and they spend a decent amount of time mastering it all up.
From memory it was around £480?

You should look into some of the threads on this forum about using Renoise for live performance… there’s lots of stuff you can do to spice up your tracks in a live environment with Renoise, and although I’ve not done so yet, I’m very much looking forward to having enough tracks to do so. With the filter DSP and plugins like dBlue’s glitch and buffer override, you should be able to have lots of fun messing with your track live.

Army & Breed, but I’m not really active any more. I didn’t really like the too many flogging of old samples and the scene didn’t take off as much as I wanted [not enough labels]. But good luck with your ventures. I might DJ it again though.

Hmm, yes…incidentally, if more folks on B2VOS used renoise then I think this would be less of a problem, given how easy it makes sampling new material from mp3.

Congrats Nee and Stu. :)

Ace! I used to have the original, but was foolish enough to ‘loan’ it away with loads of other stuff from that time, from LFO remix to tigers in space. Still got the remix though (a year or so after the original, with a HEAVY droning bass over it all & scratch efects with ‘horn’ repeated every bar), not as good as the original though, and I have a lot of trouble remembering how it sounded :(
I look forward to hearing your version too. Other stuff sounds as authentic as you can get imo, good work!