renoise thinks the keyboard is querty while it's not

(gentleclockdivider) #1

Once in a while , renoise thinks my azerty pc keyboard is querty , but only in the pattern editor .

Renaming instruments is still azerty , but shortcuts in the pattern editor are querty .

Windows toolbar hasn’t changed .( language selector ) .

Quantizing the whole lot shift +A is now set instrument …?

Now it’s back to it’s normal azerty state , so time again to get acquinted witth the shortcuts .

Wonder what could cause this

(Zer0 Fly) #2

Yes, I also know this problem from linux. With qwertz keyboard. I always notice, becaus undo is affected, it becomes from to .

Dunno 1 out of 10 sessions maybe is like this, maybe more often maybe the opposite, sometimes it happens. When I restart renoise, good chance is that it will be correct on the next start.