Renoise... Tight Midi Out?

Hey all.

I’m grabbing from synths and emu/akai samplers from a friend next week, and although I don’t have it with me now, i’m interested in asking you all, in your opinion, the tightness of Renoise’s MIDI OUT to external gear?

I’m on a brand new macbook pro, and i’m currently looking for a suitable audio interface with MIDI i/o as well.

What are your experiences? The coding of Renoise is so tight itself, I can imagine it’s MIDI out being fairly decent.

Many thanks :)


I haven’t used Renoise in combination with hardware for years, wonder about this as well.

I’ve used Renoise with a midiNes a few times, recorded some stuff, messed around with the parameters. I’m eventually going to use midi out again with a midified GameBoy instead.

Not my video…

anybody else had any personal experiences?

Hi boatclub. I successfully integrated my waldorf blofeld into renoise. It’s easy and straight forward. You can even loop back the audio into the renoise mixer using the line-in device. Of course there is some delay involved but it wasn’t a big deal for me.

hooked up to nord modular , no problems

I use it to control various midi boxes, it works fine. The timing is basically as good as I can get through my midi interface, which is to say, ok but not awesome.

I’ve sent MIDI out from Renoise to a second computer running Livid Cell DNA. It was pretty darn stable. There will always be some latency, but you can offset it in the MIDI preferences tab.

I’ve been using Renoise with midi for quite a while. The new (more accurate) note timing is good and adds a much needed layer of functionality, however this is a problem with it.

As a sequencer, renoise only records one effect per line. This means that is you are doing a manual sweep with a fader or knob it will not be a clean or smooth recording of midi data into the pattern.

The best example I can use is to sweep the filter cutoff on a sound from open to closed. If you do this while the pattern is playing you will get a suttery or jumpy effect because renoise can only record one effect setting per line from the incoming midi data. Now there may perhaps be workarounds to this, but it’s just something worth mentioning.

Also, the software doesn’t have count-in, punch-in, etc - things that make the workflow easier when playing notes in. I guess I can summarize, Renoise works very well with midi, but in terms of using your instrument to play and record notes into sequence in real time it is still a little lacking and needs some development.

you don’t want to sample for single hits then trigger in REnoise? it’s less of a headache…

The alternative is to use automation envelopes instead of pattern commands. Automation envelopes offer the same resolution as a pattern, since the number of points is equal to the number of pattern lines, but the difference is that you can optionally use linear or cubic interpolation on the envelopes, which will create much smoother transitions between each point.