Renoise Timing

Since I’m assisting in writing a python based XRNS-tool, I have a question:
The online manual says “Renoise processes about 50 ticks per second”
So I started doing some testing and ended up with the magic number of 56.
Can anyone tell me how many ticks are actually processed per second?

Or any other tips?

I’ll supply some context.
I use XRNS as input:

<line index="0"><br>
<line index="4"><br>
<line index="8"><br>
<line index="12"><br>

What I have as output is this:<br>

<channel id="1" label="bassdrum channel" type="Sawtooth"><br>
<point time="0.0" label="placeholder"></point><br>
<point time="0.0829875518672" label="placeholder"></point><br>
<point time="0.165975103734" label="placeholder"></point><br>
<point time="0.248962655602" label="placeholder"></point><br>
<point time="0.331950207469" label="placeholder"></point><br>

The time is in incremental seconds.<br>
So I need to find a way to convert line numbers to seconds, otherwise this whole sound and visual synchronisation-thing I have in mind is of no use.<br>
<a href=""></a><br>
a happy renoise user</line></line></line></line>

XRNS2MIDI (a PHP script by Bantai) converts Renoise Lines to MIDI Tempo, the calculation is in the code linked in my signature if you want to check it out.


  • Line Per Beat = The amount of Renoise lines it takes to have 1 quarter note / beat
  • Beats Per Minute = The amount of quarter note / beats played every 60 seconds.
  • Ticks = Definitely not 50 per second according to my understanding of “tick”, see below.

Lines Per Beat have to do with the “Speed” of a song, which, according to XRNS2MIDI looks like:

case ($speed>3): $lpb = 4; break;  
case $speed==3: $lpb = 8; break;  
case $speed==2: $lpb = 12; break;  
case $speed==1: $lpb = 24; break;   

Of course, some tracks change tempo and speed as the song is playing, so you need to compensate somehow. But assuming it didn’t…

A song that is [60 BPM, Speed 4] means 4 lines are processed every beat.
So each line is (1/4) of a beat, or 240 lines per minute, or 1 line ever 0.25 seconds

A song that is [60 BPM, Speed 3] means 8 lines are processed every beat.
So each line is (1/8) of a beat, or 480 lines per minute, or 1 line ever 0.125 seconds


“Ticks” are also controlled by speed. That is to say, if you have a speed of 6 then you have 6 ticks between each line. If you have a speed of 8 you have 8 ticks between each line, if you have a speed of 1 then you have 1 tick between each line.

A tick just means “the amount triggers between lines” and is mostly for effects. It doesn’t affect the time of a song AFAIK.


checkking that out now, thanks in advance

[edit] it looks like it works, but I need more testing. Gonna generate synchroniser tracks for each renoise track now

YES! it works!
thank you again man!

if it evolves into something useable I’ll share it with everyone

Cool, here’s hoping you share!

I seem to remember the “magic number” for figuring out ticks + bpm and all that jazz being 2.5… don’t ask me where it should be used however :P