Renoise to Amiga: directions needed

I’m a Flash/AS3 game developer, and have been using FL Studio to create MP3 and MIDI music for my games.
My goal is to develop lightweight games for Flash, but I’m having trouble with music because MP3 is usually too big and MIDI doesn’t sound the same way in different computers.
Then I thought about using tracker music because it’s small, sounds the same wherever you take it to and have the cool chiptune touch.

I already found Flod 4, a library that allows me to embed and play module files, specifically Amiga-like .mod and .xm ones, in Flash/AS3.
I tested some musics on it successfully, and now I need to compose my own.

I’ve seen on YouTube that Renoise is a modern tracker, based on those for Amiga.
I’m now trying Renoise demo and I’ve learned how to compose on it.
I also found that if I want to generate .mod and .xm music files, I should use a tool called Xrns2MOD.

At this point something sounds wrong for me…
The .flac samples I apply to Renoise tracks can get me modern techno, orchestral stuff and even highly bitrated rock songs.
That doesn’t fit the Amiga-like (chiptune, 8-bit, etc.) .mod and .xm music I’m aiming for my games.

However, this video I found demonstrates that it can be done, hence my interest in acquiring Renoise.
But it doesn’t show the samples or instruments you have to apply to the tracks to create genuine module music, nor I was able to Google this kind of info.
I think I’m missing the right procedures to achieve that, and I’d need some directions on it.

Can anyone enlight me on the matter? Thank you very much in advance!

You should use a tracker with a more “traditional” approach like MilkyTracker or Schism Tracker. These are more or less open-source (and more modern) remakes of FT2 and Impulse Tracker, respectively. They’re much less powerful than Renoise, but are still quite versatile, and they’re native to the old formats like .mod .it .xm .s3m etc…

Renoise is more of a production environment, even though its main method of composing and arranging is based on the good old tracker scene. It has its own module format (.xrns) which wasn’t really designed with playback from other software in mind.

I have 2 games I have used AS3 for. In both cases I used mp3s for the music. In the first game I embedded all of the music into the SWF, which made the whole thing load very slowly. In the second game, I used BulkLoader to incrementally load mp3s while the game is playing. You can choose the order that files load in, how much progress to wait for before letting the user play the game, and insist that certain files are loaded before a user can play a specific level, for example.

I stored all my music on Amazon S3 to keep the server my game is on from getting hosed.

Doesn’t answer your question directly. But it is possible to use mp3s in AS3 fairly reasonably.

I’d go through the song forum, and do a search for “game,” or “video game,” because you are going to find stuff.

If your lucky, you might find somebody who included the xrns with his soundcloud link or whatever. Its definitely happened… This way you can examine their song, and see what they did… learn and what not.

Also, were you aware that there are vst’s that specifically emulate this sound? Here’s one:

I’ve seen a dozen or so of those things around… but I know plogue is considered pretty tops.