Renoise To Audiomulch

i have both loopbe and midi yoke and cant for the life of me figure out how to send midi from renoise to instruments in audiomulch, i have to renoise midi settings as midi yoke 1 for out and the instrument setting as midi yoke 1 out and in audiomulch i have midi1 set as mdi yoke 1 for in and i have it routed to a cheezy instrument but no joy and cant see anyway to monitor if midi is getting to AM… please help, will provide screens if necessary

Been ages since I worked with AM, but I remember that contraptions (AMs built-in devices) as well as VST instrument have a properties page you need to set up. Try right-clicking!

Ohhh, almost forgot. AM also has a “Enable/Disable MIDI” button in the toolbar :)

woot that enable midi button was hidden… that worked thanks