Renoise Track Winner Of Competition

I just won a remix competition in Russia with this track. 250 tracks was competing.
I expect a lot of radio play of it this year.

It was a lot of work with it in renoise 2.8. Track grouping was great!

Download track here:

Also check out the new video of the remix featuring Moscow nightlife!

Holy shit, this is so sick.

production itself is good (in particular the synth/fx programming at 1:06-1:08), even though it’s hard to tell what audio was already available to the remixers and what not.
did you only use the vocals or also the synth/other tracks from the original?

apart from that i wonder: do you also happen to write non-remix songs?

The remixpack only contained the dry vocals. I rewrote the track with my own chords and production, so the remix is very different from the original.

Yes, I write non-remix songs, mostly for other artists. Now I’m working on melodies for a russian group and soon I will write and produce tracks for a norwegian artist.