Renoise Use

Just want to say although I have been making music for over a decade now, and with all the variety of DAW’s out there, I still use Renoise as the basis for most of my productions and for coming up with ideas and testing VSTs out. This is because of the brilliant design and efficiency of getting samples and ideas down (due to my tracker background before using Cubase, when I had an Amiga then Impulse Tracker).

Have used it on my tracks ‘8 Bit’, ‘Shadow Of The Beast’ (the riff was originally saved as a renoise file before I redid the melody in Cubase) and also ‘Signal Loss’.

Nice one for coming up with such a versatile piece of software I continue to use to date.

Excellent work guys!

Louk (

so funny how once in a while these kind of “fan” topics pop up and spread their love for renoise and trackers on this board!

you wont see these kind of topics much on cubase forums i’m afraid ;)

renoise - enjoy daily

To be fair I do export most of what I do into Cubase as I love the effects with Cubase but for all my sample manipulation and instrumentation where samples are playing different pitches it’s nearly always done in renoise


well no harm in that nobody said you should restict yourself from using any other program next to renoise hehe, most do here i guess.