Renoise User Akira Kiteshi Featured In This Months 'sound On Sound

Haven’t read the full article but looks interesting:

Tunes here:

Can’t get beyond the paywall for the rest of the article, but what he says about off the grid feel and timing is very true. I think a lot of trackers miss that point, although there are definitely exceptions who pull it off…

Decades later you can actually read it for free…

It also means that music made in Renoise has featured in a major movie release - allbeit ‘Step Up 3D’! <_<

Since when “step up” is major? lol

Studio: Offspring Entertainment
Distributed by: Touchstone Pictures, Summit Entertainment
Release date(s): August 6, 2010
Running time: 107 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $30 million
Box office: $159,289,358

That is definitely big… imho… Congrats to Akira

excellent! the article has many spots in which Renoise is depicted as a lightweight, flexible and full-featured DAW

I found this article only the other day, and was going to post about it – but of course it’s old news and we already had a thread about it here. :slight_smile: So, I’ll just bump this one for people who like reading about professionals using Renoise (and how and why).

This is his Renoise song that made it into the Disney movie:

used to chat with Tom a bit, he’s a really good guy, and I think one of 'em worked for Rockstar at one time too! I’ve always REALLY dug the tune ‘donk’ a lot. like a LOT. good shit!

Misk, do you work for Rockstar Games?

Thalamus, sadly no, that’d be cool! Sound design for games is interesting to me though—because it’s not just designing static elements, but working with software to generate dynamic versions of a sound based on the players location, movement speed, and any other variables. Theres like a whole dark art to designing effective car engines in games that is really badass!

I’ve played with FMOD studio a bit, and it’s awesome for generating variations of a dope sound. I’ve read that quite a few designers will make a series of sounds for one element in a game, and make a pd patch that triggers/morphs between samples based on variables in the game. That shit’s awesome!

/thread hijack

Wwise all the way for me :slight_smile:

maybe you know someone hiring? :smiley:

Funny you should mention that. Were currently looking for an audio coder.

doh! i’d be interested but i’m much more competent at the sound design side—unless you’re looking to use something like libpd :wink: