Renoise Users On The Web

Hello everybody,

As I am registering myself to more and more music-related community sites, I find that it is difficult to find other Renoise users on these sites.
Now, I am sure that most of the people here have at least one profile on one site.

So, I was thinking - what if everybody posts links to their profiles here in this thread?
This way, we can all add each other as friends on these sites, and help each other in promoting our music, by reviewing and voting and whatever is a common practice on these sites.

Now whos with me? (let me hear you say “heeeeey”… :) )

I will go first (dont leave me hanging!)

Sector-Seven (thats me) on the web:

Post your own links, and add me as a friend.

I do not have a lot.

Myspace does the most work for me :D


that’s all folks !!!

See my sig. Come join in on IRC at #renoise.

i know my band:


and my ex guitarist, making great tunes: (kind of a sad profile :[ )

Personal Webpage with Blog
Nitestar (some sort of Myspace)
TeH Myspace
The DJ List
Xing / OpenBC-Profile
Last FM Musician Profile

And much more :)

I’m not really using any website at its full potential at the moment, or even near to it. I’ve quite recently dispatched myself from couple of websites for various reasons. But! I’m still around these sites: - One of my favourite sites, although I really don’t use it as much as I could - and should. But… I really hate the new design, been trying to get used to it for several days now… It’s just awful. I got too used to the old design.

MySpace - Another undisputed champion of web designs, geez… But still, it’s the big party everyone’s attended for so you’d better not miss it.

Facebook - For me this is pretty pointless, but once I’m finished with my latest album I’ll most probably throw some info at this direction as well. - A finnish music site, where I’ve been active for several years now. Lots of music.

I also have profile pages at CTGmusic, TraxInSpace and some other music related websites but I grew tired visiting those places.

I’m going to append:
facebook to mine just because.

All links are in my sig.

Not many people on Trax in Space - wonder why… I like it the most.

Well, really my handle is rambones. I am involved in making HVSC since the start.
I have made music with C64 since 1986 (still do).

Anyhow, my website is (mixed tunes to hear) (mostly electronic music, kind of a CD preview from my coming CD) (some previews of an upcoming C64/SID CD)

On my main site is a bio and blog to read, and a video (follow video into youtube and there are more movies from me (mostly silly comedy :))

I dont want to use any other program than renoise, so please get the Virus TI to work 100% :slight_smile:

Any old sceners here who know me, write me!
New friends: dont be afraid to write! :slight_smile:

i was in the c64 scene big time :)

what groups were u member from?. .


Facebook Artist Page
MySpace (Datassette)
MySpace (Datashat)
Website / Blog

C64 rulz :)


Other myspace is down but here is a track I just started working on…

SFX - Audio Designs



i recently started putting everything i do right here:…ing.html?rnd=55

i have a mypace too:

also recently, i started a sample packs collection.
with most of the sample packs that have been linked on there:

The Supply Team
Gheymaid Inc. :)

all in the sig