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I’m a new user. I’ve been tracking for a while (but admittedly had given up on tracking for composition once seduced by the realtime vst/vsti/midi/digital audio mistress). I started tracking like 10 years ago with ScreamTracker v3.21 (never had a chance to track on earlier trackers since I had an Apple //e) …

After ST3, I moved on to Impulse Tracker (which I also registered) which was excellent and great (especially since FT/2 wouldn’t give me proper volume with my SB AWE32 at the time). After that, I stopped tracking for years, then I heard about ModPLUG Tracker. Okay, tried it. Yech. Next?

Found MAD Tracker, loved it (registered it)! Tracked for a while. Still bulky/buggy and not good. Found OctaMED Studio (registered it) Tracked again for a while, using MIDI and Roland XP-60 as soundsource. Still something just didn’t FEEL right.

Left trackers in the dust. With fond memories…

Moved on to MIDI and Audio sequencers (cakewalk -> cubase -> nuendo -> fl studio). Loved them! Easy! Greatness! But still, not as “intimate” or “technically apt” as my good old Impulse… Sniff and grumble…

Weeks ago, found Renoise from friend on IRC named Bhaal. Checked it out with a bit of hesitation (figured it would be the same as the rest).

WRONG! I WAS WRONG! Renoise owns. It’s the best thing that has happened to me and my music since the big-red-shiny “record” button and moving from Apple //e -> 486 DX/2!

Renoise 1.2x ruled. I was fascinated, and posessed, and seduced, and my hopes brightened.

Then I bought Renoise. Of course!

Now, with the alpha, I am drooling. GUI rules. Simple elegance. Stays out of my way. Intuitive. Perfection. Love the abillity to “filter” colors of any theme and save as new theme. Love everything about automation (rules! rules!) love everything about Renoise!

Even with the few bugs I’ve encountered in the alpha (mainly ones such as RNS process hanging when trying to load certain VSTi’s/changing VSTi patches, and not being able to “end-task” the Renoise.exe process) there is no question.


The VSTi automation and the ability to automate any parameter in realtime and MAP (intuitively well done! kudos on MIDI map/learn in RNS!) to hardware is awesome!

You have outdone yourselves! Renderer RULES! Prebuilt DSP effects RULES. Hotkeys well, those are another story :D

Thank you so much for making such a kick ass and wicked tracker that embraces the new awesome technologies of audio and composition of music today as it is created and enjoyed by the many of us who create and listen to it.

One suggestion: I would package some small CPU source VSTi’s (or atleast put rerference to them in link form in the manual – which needs to be updated for 1.5 BTW :) and I’m sure you guys will update it) like:

MDA Piano/JX10/DX10/ePiano (all those rule and use native VSTi GUI so good for renoise from simplistic standpoint). Just an idea. It would be cool to atleast get a “head start” on where to go for simple CPU friendly VSTi’s in future.

If you want proof I am a tracker, go to my homepage in my sig (evolv3) – You can hear some of my work (and I am not as good as most but mi casa su casa).

Thanks, and sorry for such a long post :D (THANK YOU BHAAL!!!)

Hah, this mirrors my experience almost exactly! When I started out on PC, ScreamTracker 3 was the first I tried before getting into FastTracker II.

About the included VSTi’s, I think there was some talk a while back of asking around amongst the freeware VSTi propucers (e.g., the makers of things like Synth1, Crystal, sfz soundfont player, etc.) to see whether it was possible to include their plugins in a larger Renoise package download.

But I think most people would rather that it was just Renoise they were downloading when they register or download the unregistered version. In which case, a “Renoise DEMO Pack” download could be made available with some VSTi’s, some tracks by the pros and other goodies.

But yeah, it’s all good. :P

:) It’s a small world.

Man you rock at hires. Nice work (in your gallery). I am recently dabbling with wacom myself. Any good tutorials or such you could recommend (privately) ?

Nice site…

As for the pack. Yes that would be a great idea.

Sometimes it’s hard for people (especially those new to VST world) to find worthwhile instruments/effects.

The effects RNS has covered, but the VSTi’s are another issue :)

Synth1 is awesome, as are all the MDA instruments (for free you can’t lose). There are other free offerings around too. Maybe someone should take some initiative and create a kit and give it to the team?

Would help out everyone alot. I would help if I knew what the proper protocols were to go about doing so :)

there are 4 of us who volonteered to do that.
we were at good point before summer. i think that a couple of strong people more would be useful…
who is willing to help?


grymmjack: Thanks. Hehe, perhaps it makes up for my music. :P

As for the wacom, the only solid rule that I’ve learned over the years is that the stronger your traditional work is (pencil, charcoal, acrylics, oils etc.) the stronger the digital will be. But there’s some great tutorials on GFXArtist ( ), in particular, check out the one by Craig Mullins (of fame). And more importantly, just like tracking and music making, the more you practice and get critiques, the better you will become. That said, I should post some music soon… :unsure:

rotello: Ah, yep, I couldn’t find the original thread. I think that when Renoise 1.5 hits the public beta stage, people might have more time to suggest and provide some content as the pressure will be off the bug-testing stage.

I am willing to help in some way. I dont know what a “team” could do in a distribution of efforts though.

I mean, we could take a vote on which are the best free VSTi’s and post URLs and such?

for me the list is this:

MDA ePiano,
MDA Piano,
Traingle 2

That’s about it. There are others worth using but are they free? I dont know. I dont think that the “kit or pack” should include any of those SynthEdit VSTi’s either (those are usually pretty hungry CPU/RAM)


Has anyone else had problems getting Renoise to recognise MDA epiano???

I’m running it on a Win '98 machine in my studio, it can recognise and run MDA Piano, but not epiano…

I’ve got things like Lounge Lizard and EVP-88, but they sound like crap (IMO) - In fact, the fact I’ve not been able to get epiano to work in Renoise is the only reason I ever use Cubase SX these days…

Any ideas???

I would add SUPERWAVEP8:

USB plugsounds free (bottom of page):

MrRAY e piano

The Iblits for basses particularly:


TLS maximiser:

(bit buggy in renoise atm but have got it working. Worth it as it is the best free mastering limiter I have come across)

Digitalfishphones series:

Good set of compressors and other dynamics processors here. Endorphin is a good mastertrack plug.

Classic series:

another good free mastering limiter in this pack.



Simple to use graphic EQ


Not so simple to use at first but very good paragraphic EQ

Also other instruments from this list:

KVR is a great site for finding out about most VST plugs, especially if your new to VST check out the above list.

Edit: more added

I guess most of the Vsti you listed will be in the pack if the makers let us do so.

superwave 8, synth 1, crystal and iblit are among my fave, too.

anyway i think we need 2-3 more people ( the load is not THAT big)
download OpenOffice and join the mailing list:


My Curriculum of trackers:

C64 ('87 - '90 / '91)

  • Rockmonitor III
  • Future composer
  • Music Assembler
  • Audio Assembler (custom turbo assemlber routine)

Amiga ('91 - '94)

  • Soundtracker 2.25
  • NoiseTracker
  • Future composer ( :huh: yeah also existed on Amiga)
  • Startrekker
  • Oktalyser
  • Protracker 2.x, 3.x
  • OctaMED

PC ('94 - '04)

  • Screamtracker 3.2x
  • Fasttracker II
  • Impulse Tracker 2.x
  • Renoise.

Nuff time to learn and i still create shite. :w00t:

Thanks for your extensive listing. Great stuff there. Superwave looks amazing, i’m stunned I hadn’t heard of it before personally.

Do you know if:

USB plugsounds free (bottom of page):

is down? can’t connect…


No probs, yeah superwave has a lot of character with the detunable oscillators. Some nice presets in there aswell.

The site seems to be down atm but I`d give it a go in a day or so. Nice sound module with sampled e-piano, synths + drums. Im using it in a lot of my tunes right now.