Renoise versions

Well ok, I’m not sure if there’s much that can be done about this, but I’d like to know if anyone else has had similar experiences.

I made my songs to sound the way I wanted them to sound before 1.2 arrived. The delays (I use them plenty :)) were set up the way they were set up. Then you release v1.2 - a fine release, no question, but all my songs prior to that version now had their delay effects messed up. I used v1.11 and v1.2 beta side by side for a while, fixing the delays to sound good on the most important tracks, one of which is on the songs page right now.

Now we have the 1.25 beta, and among the first things I notice is that you’ve finally come up with a great way of setting the delay “steps”! Hats off to the whole team, I really like the current system there. But another thing I notice is that all the songs I’ve written in 1.2 now have their delays (and in this case, flangers) totally messed up. For instance, I don’t know if I should just delete the .RNS version of my song from songs page because with the new release it sounds pretty awful and nobody is going to download the OGG if an .RNS is available. The worst thing that could happen? Somebody downloads the RNS and rates it 10% because it sounds… well, the way it sounds.

But the interesting part is, all the songs I never “corrected” when 1.2 came now sound OK again! (Which doesn’t mean much because there are only like four or five of them left after all this time of using 1.2 and they don’t have much of a future anyway - otherwise I would’ve “converted” them too…)

Oh well. I’ll be off now, and if anyone asks, I’ll be writing down my delay settings for a couple of dozen modules in v1.2 so I can “convert” them again. :unsure: :huh:

we have a version marker in songs since noisetrekker age otherwise you wouldn’t be able to load songs at all :)

the problem is when upgrading effects and effect engine there may be differences from old one.
in this case the conversion may not be perfect. add few bugs in converter and you have badly converted songs.

my guess is that this won’t be perfect until the effect engine becomes stable/good enough so that it needs no much
modifications. with many new releases it is harder to test all of compatibility.

maybe somebody would like to create test modules we could use to test the conversion that uses most effects?
i find it much easier to test pattern effects when starting a module that uses all of them. if there is a change
in engine i have a “reference” module.