Renoise & Virus Ti Vst Problems

Maybe i should have added some more background thoughts…
Yes, understandable that if you produce hardware and write specific software that the software has to make sure the hardware listens very closely.

If you do that well as a manufacturer, then you should also be able to simply resolve general problems for every host that has got to use it by implementing one fix.
I expect the software to translate a general standard to their own proprietary standard. Perhaps a few or more proprietary extra’s that are necessary to gain the most out of the hardware that should be easily supportable by host software.
You then have everything settled reasonably well and if the host program writer has no intentions to supported the extra features, then it will be to blame on the host-app programmer.

At least that is what i would do if i would manufacture such stuff.


This is a really good idea. We should all write who own TI’s.

Meanwhile I’d like to suggest everyone else running their TI’s on a VST host such as V-Stack. You can have no latency playback using it and you can record the output from the main out into a different host (or use a 3rd part software for this) when you need to save your song as audio.

All automation etc. is also fully functional.

I think I’ll write my request for access in tomorrow morning.

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Meanwhile I’d like to suggest everyone else running their TI’s on a VST host such as V-Stack.

Really VERY good to know! Thanks!

What method of contact are Ti owners using to conatact Acces? I think it’s probably best if we all use the same point of contact.

Being cynical we are essentially trying to prove that Renoise users are likely to make up enough of their market that it is worth them spending programmer time on us. I would say the number of views this thread has had is a good indicator that there are a number of Renoise users interested in using the Virus with Renoise…wether they own one or not.

Anyway 029 if you could let me know how you contacted Access. I will try and hassle the same people.

Could any Ti owners trolling this thread make themselves known. The more people we have, the more commercially viable supporting Renoise will seem to Access.</0x0000562850965040>

This is what I’ve used to contact access →

in the - at least one access employee is reading, but he always answers that you should send mail directly, using the contact form on access website.

yes i have a virus too, write me on the list!

So after 25 days of waiting, i got the virus!

I am not happy about installing the 2.7 OS because it is beta.

Does anyone have the 2.5 OS zip archive ?
(Access has removed this from their website)


Ok guys, lets do it:

  1. make a list of renoise+virus users
  2. send to access

How to make this list ?

I think, since there might be TI users in this forum, who do not read this topic (or not least yet), it might be more effective, if each one of us sent their own messages to the Access.

Though, if someone wants to compile a list on top of that also, I’d be more than willing to participate…

Hey nmioaon. It seems that 2.7.2 is not beta. Seeems that the last beta was Ahhh…2.7.2 was only uploaded yesterday.

I already contacted Access about Renoise twice now. They havn’t responded to my most recent one (in which I also whinged about some bugs) which irritates me a little.

I’m going to flash my Ti with 2.7.2 now. I’ll post up any exciting results.

Oh if you use the sequencer mode be sure to save off all the patches in there. Flashing wipes the sequencer mode banks for some reason.

Ah well, i tried this new version.
But the virus control, i cant start. it finds the virus, then says “looking for virus”, then hangs and leaves the windows system process at 100% cpu so the computer locks up.

To release something that dont even work… tsk tsk

I dont get it. When they can make a firmware upgrade work over usb, why the hell not a simple connection so you can save your sounds ? lame.

The Virus is what, 3-4 years old now ? and even the most basic thing dont work…

They didn’t picked the best name for the device anyway… maybe that just says enough.

I’ve seen the installer fail before, but not on my machine. I can’t recall exactly how to fix the problem. It involved uninstalling previous versions, using a different USB port, forcing windows to find the .inf etc. The usual.

There is a standalone patch manager with the new software as well along with a tool to burn user patches to ROM banks.

That sounds like they some sort of emulate a serial port on the USB port.

At least when attaching something to a USB port that causes troubles afterwards this usually means some fixed interrupt has been tied to the device.

If drivers fail or the device requests another interrupt, drivers will never interact with the new IRQ.

HP made these kind of mistakes a lot in their device drivers in the past.

The installer insists that you always use the same USB port. Just sometimes it seems to dislike the one you use. I tend to keep mine isolated so its not sharing with anything.

Anyway the new OS and drivers made no difference to Renoise (as expected) very sloppy timing and really odd results when you try to render.

Someone tested with Renoise 2? We can try now to use AU version of plugin.

I’m out of my home for days i will try VC Plugin when come back.



YOU MUST EDIT THE PLUING OPTIONS (?) AND SELECT “Use static processing buffers” AND DESELECT “Auto suspend plugin when silent”

Seems VST works better than AU version.

The only problem i found is:
When you unload/deselect the plugin form “AU/VST instrument properties” and then you select another time the same VC pluing not works (in the last unload, Renoise or the pluing not noticed to the hardware that the VC pluing was closed).


Thats good news. Could you please load up both versions (the AU and the VST), then take a look into the Renoise log file (Click on Help → Show Log in Renoise) and look for something like:

Trying to instantiate “NAME_OF_Virus Control_VST/AU” bla… and give me the unique ID that is noted there? Then I’ll make the noted compatibility options the default for the plugins.

UAZ was time to do it… i didnt try yet!!

nice work! :w00t:

Ok, i’m out of my home another time, but i will give you this info…

Also, the lag in the plugin is now correct (like the other plugins when i turn on the static procesing buffers) but i have been doing a hard check with Renoise2 and AU / VST versions and i noticed some problems:

  • AU version not allow routing (not recognized as mutiuotput plugin?).
  • The VST version allows routing, but seems not working correctly (mix bettwen outputs).
  • Saved song with Virus TI plugin not opens the plugin settings correctly (different patches selected).
  • The sound of the plugin (AU/VST version) seems buggy, i noticed strange pitch ( Sample rate problem?)
  • The tempo of the song is not correctly recognized by the Plugin, so delays and other effects not works very well.

I will do more tests when i return home provably tomorrow…

I’m experienced programmer, so i can help you to solve these issues if you want. My e-mail is:

The routing of a plugin is not always obviously announced to Renoise. In some cases internal configurations in the plugin itself has to be made to make this obvious to its host.
Like Kontakt has by default 4 output channels defined while it supports 16. You have to open Kontakt, add the other 12 channels in its own preferences, then close Kontakt or save and reload the song and the extra 12 channels are being detected by Renoise as well.
There might be similar actions that have to be taken in Virus TI as well.