Renoise Vs Plogue Bidule

haven’t completely checked out Renoise yet…but what can it do that ,plogue’s Bidule, for example, can’t do???

You can run Bidule in Renoise, you can’t run Renoise in Bidule :P

If i quickly look at it, the first question “where is the pattern editor and pattern arranger?”
But looking at all these modular things and OSC support, it might be a powerfull add-on.

I think the question should not be what can any other host do that this plug can’t but more, what more power do you have if i use this plug in this host?
(regardless if we discuss Renoise or any other host)

well…bidule in renoise sounds like an interesting start… somehow yesterday when i was testing buttons and files instead of reading the PDF documentation… i loaded a song i’d edited in Audacity (mixed down to stereo)…brought up an instrument…maybe Surge Demo… hit a key ,kept my finger on it…and heard the music i’d previously made …’.renoised’ in a Surge preset sound…is this correct??..cos i tried again today…and couldn’t repeat the trick…c’est bizarre…tellement! :huh: java script:emoticon(’ :ph34r:‘,%20’smid_16’)

I hope i understand correctly…
Did you had the sequencer playing?
If you add an audiowave to a VST sequencer, they rely on the SPP info they receive from the host.
If Renoise is not playing, it does not receiving an SPP signal.

You could try to enter a note in a pattern (turn on pattern edit mode and add a note) then start playing the pattern and see if the VST outputs audio.

Also sequencers don’t respond fine to “auto suspend” box checked when the programmed sequence in the vst comes with silences that do not use much cpu resources.

ok… but like i say… i’m not too sure what i was doing @ the time…never fooled around with a tracker before …

oh…and great response times…thnxz again