Renoise vs Reaper ram use

I was just playing around with those two to see how much they compare memory-wise, given that they are both so excellently optimized. Loaded the same instruments, effects, routed everything the way it functions “the same” way, loaded midi clips and here is the result:



Thats pretty amazing.

what does this mean?

what does this mean?

Renoise skipped his breakfast this morning, but on the plus side his metabolism looks a little slower!

hmmm, seems like i´ll be switching to firefox soon.

I was hoping one would start gobbling ram at some point and they both just pissed at my effort with 1mb difference :smiley:

Btw. I had to reinstall Windows few days ago beause Reaper contracted some sort of disease - every time I alt+tabbed and came back, it always took extra 10-13mb of ram as long as I did it not do it faster than once every 2 seconds. Both pre5 and 4.78 (with both my config and default one) did this but it’s probably pre5 that somehow has left some mess around.