Renoise Vsti

I am guessing that the Renoise instrument editor will be inevitably upgraded.

Maybe it is worth considering using time and resources otherwise spent upgrading the Renoise instrument editor, to developing and maintaining a VSTi that behaves like it instead, including the aforementioned ‘macro tracker’, which I believe would serve as a major point of difference over anything else available.

The time and the effort creating and maintaining this could be commercially viable from the point of view that the VSTi market is significantly larger and more future proof. The hard work for Renoise has been done already.

Renoise instruments/loops/effects could be stored like single-pattern RNS files, although that concept could eventually be made more complicated and powerful. The large (and growing) Renoise fellowship could support the product by making and donating instruments. Renoise-VSTi could still be attractive to a non-tracker, just for the pre-set potential.

The xml format will straighten up a lot of things in this concept.

As a VSTI Renoise would be the most powerfull sampler software around for a very low price.