Renoise Vsti

I would like a vsti version of renoise so i can use it in fl studio.
In the vsti version of renoise, i would be able to use xrni instruments in fl studio
without losing renoise effects. And one more would feature would be:

  1. Incomming notes transpose/fundamental one channel or more or whole pattern.
  2. Incomming notes snaps all notes in one channel or more or whole pattern to a chord making scale alterations on the fly.

And here is how renoise would look like if it was a vsti plugin in fl studio:


Personaly I would love to have Renoise output available as a VSTi… It would open new market for Renoise - VSTi one :)

Passing sound directly from renoise to vsti would be good enough…

If there would be possibility to set some mappings and make it work as an VSTi sampler ;) it would put all Batteries, Nerves and Geists down ;)

+1 +1 :)


I would say renoise eXistence :)

How about… ability to load FL Studio piano roll into Renoise? :w00t:

Already quite doable with rewire and midi yoke. Although, there is some delay with the midi (if anyone knows if it’s possible to get rid of this, I’d be thrilled). I find editing midi in FL and then exporting to Renoise to be more practical.

For now you can use Energy-XT to do that because there is vsti version of it available.


Would love this feature!

How about… load the very act of loading within the tao of renoise’s inner self? There should be no boundaries.

i mean come on guys :3 :lol: :lol: :lol: