[[[[[renoise Wallpapers]]]]

i did these while i was cooling down from being so pissed earlier tonight
i just took that main logo and enlarged it thats the reason for the poor edge quality if anyone knows what font was used or even better if i could get a bigger version logo i would cerainly make some nicer ones.

my current desktop wallpaper using xp’s peace as the background

if anyone would want the psd of these i’ll email it to you its only about 1.3mb
i dont have any hosting or i would just put it somewhere.

Here some wallpapers i did in a free minute, maybe someone likes those.

midsize and hires available at http://www.renoise.com/wallpapers

perfect pulsar, I was looking for some cool renoise wallpapers for a long time, but I could not find some cool ones. The first wallpaper is really nice! Good work!

nice tryouts, but actually unusable due to low-size and blurriness of the logos. but still better than nothing if there wasn’t…

really great great walls! :o
no.1 + 3 look so slick - llluv’em! thanks for posting!

and before i did this it seemed that way didnt it
but like i said:
i just took that main logo and enlarged it thats the reason for the poor edge quality if anyone knows what font was used or even better if i could get a bigger version logo i would cerainly make some nicer ones.

i use to think this was a really friendly and helpful forum…until i actually started participating.

just uploaded a high-res version of the Renoise logo itself :


:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

sorry, perhaps you got this wrong. i did not intent to offence you. Adding my wallpapers right here seemed to be a good idea.

Anyway, feel free to use the logo i have uploaded before, it should be big enough :)

Come on choice-man we luvs ya :wub: But pulsar kinda stole the show here,
after all he did the original logo B)

However yours are clearly the best for the purposes of this thread:
But thats another contest :)

Here’s a quick wallpaper I created. Based on some of my photography.

l33t points to anyone who can guess where I got the high-res logo from, and which song is used in the background.

1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
800 x 600

Hope you enjoy it. I’ll try to make some others later.

Edit: Gave the logo a little more texture to make it a bit more interesting.

1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
800 x 600

actually no i wasnt meaning that toward you at all, but i actually was pointing it toward the other guy. mainly because of the comment he made about them not being usable on higher resolutions. i thought it was clearly stated to begin with, that i didnt have much to work with and in essence was actually trying to get a better res logo to make some nice wallpapers.
thanks again for this, i will put together some this evening.

i actually like the walls because of their blurrieness, i think it adds some charme, even if it is unwanted. especially version # 6, those colors for some reason remind me of oldschool homecomputers.
Though Choice, i don’t understand why you react so harried on Mr. 303’s comment, I don’t think it was meant to bash you.

hey dblue, that’s a pretty cool wallpaper.
Though I still wonder what it means… tracking reflects onto you view of reality?
Or is it the HUD view of a renoise-terminator?

Wow! some tallent in the graphic department… color me impressed…

Nice ones, liked loads!!!

Critique will come at any point, you should learn to take it even though this time you’re right: you did state they were too blurry and got that in your face in stead of the help you asked for. Can’t blame you for being pissed, tho I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding. Anyway, the ones you made looked kinda empty, look forward to what you make out of the larger version of the logo :)

Like the colors! Very urban, hehe…

Hey, why not have a section dedicated to RNS-related wallpapers/art?

good idea

It didn’t really have a meaning. I just liked the sort of dynamic look to it. It’s an interesting photo with a lot of nice shapes and gritty detail, and I liked the way “Renoise” aligned quite nicely with the lines in the photo.


I think I much prefer the Terminator HUD theory! B) :D

I took the Pulsar’s Renoise logo and traced it into SVG vector version of Renoise logo, done with autotrace. It can be scaled to anything you like ;).

k choice, i guess it’s obvious that i’m the “other guy”, who’s in charge of your annoyance.
although i’m unable to comprehend why you’re being pissed, because i simply told you that i didn’t like the walls too much and WHY i didn’t like them, i hereby apologize and will take no further notice of any posts written by you, in order to avoid further disaccord.

hope you’re going to have a more pleasant stay then in these forums.
best wishes.

Made another quick one. Hope you enjoy it.

1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
800 x 600