Renoise website homepage menu buglet

hi there,

for a while now the homepage menu has not been rendering correctly for me. this is using firefox. the background of the slideshow area overlaps the menu bar.

i had assumed this was caused by the homepage re-jig a while back and would be fixed soon, but it’s still happening for me.

i have attached is a tiny .png screenshot of just part of the homepage that shows the problem.


hmm, well the message editor told me i was attaching a file, but i see no evidence of it in the post… ??

so here i attempt to attach the file again. ;)/> : 4872 renoise-website-screen.png

Hi anko,
I’m using Firefox and have no problems viewing the Home page or any page on Are you using any blocking addons like NoScript or adblock? If so make sure you whitelist Also try running Firefox in safe mode and see if it works with no addons enabled. If it works fine then you know an addon is to blame.

no, i have no ad blockers running. it renders the same in safe mode. it renders the same on both my desktop and my laptop.

in both cases this is with firefox 28 on 64bit linux.


The only way I can make this happen is by choosing the ‘Zoom text only’ and applying a slightly larger zoom amount.
But this is bound to break all sorts of layouts everywhere, not only on

actually i found the cause, both machines have very high rez screens so i have my own font choices for size in firefox prefs, since many websites have fonts too (unreadably) small by default for such screens. if i set it to allow the webpage to override my font choices it renders properly (but with very tiny fonts).

and actually 99% of websites render correctly with my setup (and after all the web is meant to be user font setting font independent).

well, i’m sure it’s not crucial to fix, but i guarantee that the majority of users who have a similar setup to mine for similar reasons won’t post a buglet report, they’ll just think “meh, website render problem, looks amateurish” and move on. shrug

it’s no biggie to me or anything.

So you have your fontsets defaulted to 125% or larger?
Frankly it’s not a biggy indeed, but even Microsoft was too lazy to check out if their stuff works with 125% or larger scaling (i’m seriously speaking of stuff like outlook webmail and their CRM suite!) so this is not a problem only occurring on the smaller hosted sites.

it’s not windows, so no “font scaling” applies (if the font size setting in windows itself is the one yr talking about). in firefox a i have a minimum font size of 13 set, and i have “allow websites to override this and set their own fonts” un-checked. i’ve had this setup on more than one machine for ages and as i said 99% of stuff renders properly, and the win is the web is generally readable for me. ;)/>

anyway, i’m kinda regretting i bothered to point it out now, just trying to do the right thing and stuff. i’m a long term open source software developer so i know that the large majority of folks never bother to point minor problems out. shrug

No it’s fine you reported it, the point is that the w3c markup validator doesn’t pop up issues with fonts or scaling. The validator does point out 3 issues so these should perhaps be addressed, but i doubt they will resolve your reported issue.(Validators are used on this site to keep it generic loadable in any browser, if there are issues, these should then be addressed to the browser developer)