Renoise With Revisit,is Quite Nice

i have had revisit on my computer for a long time,but havent really used it,today i fired up renoise and tried to use revisit on a track,and it actually works really well,still need to dig deeper into revisit.

and also still has to try it out in my other audio software,is anyone here using these 2 programs (that is renoise and revisit)together?? :yeah:

Yep, nice tool although I don’t really understand why someone would use a tracker in a tracker.

Instrument/percussion clips, an arpeggiator in tracker style, custom made ambient instruments… these kind of applications.
Some folks always wanted to be able to create small patterns inside instruments, -> with ReVisit you can

yeah thats the kind of stuff i had in mind,still need to figure it out though,it seems it input notes by itself somehow,think im gonna need to check out some tutorials :D