Renoise Won't Render First Line..

Alright this is driving me NUTS!
I finished a complete track but there is a chord on the first line of the song and it just - won’t - render.
Even if I put a 12 line empty pattern in front of the first pattern the rendered track starts immidiatly on the second line of the second pattern. I don’t get it at-all.
Realtime render didn’t solve the problem, I have no idea what to try next…


Is it a VSTi on that track?

Yes, Massive.

Copy the same chord to the first 12-line pattern.
If it doesn’t render, then simply make it start for a second time that it does render.

windows or osx?!

even the last maschine v. 1.61 missed the first notes in the rendered audio file.

Windows 7 64-bit.
I put the chord on the second line of the first pattern and everything seems o.k. now.
I still find it pretty weird and mildy annoying though.

tried to isolate if its massive or renoise (swaped the vsti with others)?

otherwise try the db rebuild or try to exclude all other presets except the used one.
could be that massive has some kind of internal latencies.
thats just a guess.

That should be solvable with the static buffer setting.
But i suppose this has been tested and doesn’t work out for this plugin.