Renoise X.Y Instead Of Renoise

Could it be possible to show the entire Renoise version name in the taskbar of Windows?
Now all Renoise versions just show as “Renoise”. It’d be sweet if it showed for example Renoise 2.7. :)

hey, good idea!



It’d be interesting to hear a reason, though :)
Personally, I hate version numbers in program name, unless multiple versions will be used concurrently.
Imagine opening Notepad 6.1 in Windows :lol:

If it’s about beta and stable, then betas could be labeled, though.

what about using multiple Renoise versions side by side, because you need one of them for a certain feature and the other for another, in live situations maybe… i’m a user since 2.5 so i’m not that experienced with older version, but i can assume some people will find this useful.

Well, Renoise seems to be quite fully backwards compatible (even old devices can be copypasted as XML). Last problematic thing I remember was when 2.0 introduced TPL instead of Speed.
Likely I’ve missed something. So, I won’t +1. Let’s say I’ve posted for the sake of argument :lol:

well, i don’t have any real-world uses either. posting for the sake of argument is a good thing imo, at least better than people just doing ‘+1’ and thats it.

Win7 by default displays only an icon in the taskbar, so there is no use for the version in there. :rolleyes:

Well, someone could pixel a tiny “2.7” into the icon… :lol:

Surely it gives a tooltip with program name if you hover the mouse though?

And what about Windows “oldfags” that don’t (want to) show love to the new Superbar and set things back as they were since 95 (like me)? :rolleyes:

or me. fuck that ‘superbar’ shit. reverted back to oldskool ‘icon+txt’ and the quickstart menu. :)

I don’t even like Quickstart!

Although i haven’t gone Win7 yet. I have my WinXP oldschool look, no quickstart, no fancy menus, purely nice and functional. Not even as if my current PC really needs all the bells and whistles to be turned off.

well, i’ve customized the hell out of my windows setup in the past, with docks and software like folder menu (awesome shit, a custom middle-click menu anywhere in windows explorer- even some software save-windows!), but in the end i returned to 3-4 quickstart shortcuts (computer, foobar2000, firefox, chrome), a windows start menu with some software i use regularly but not as often as the aforementioned (Renoise for example), and, best of all, an empty desktop. to me, it all depends on the amount of clicks i need to do to get to a piece of software.

i can recommend win7 though, its awesome, filled with little tweaks that rule the hell out of XP (if you ask me). honestly, i never liked XP, i’ll choose win2k over XP anytime. but now, i love win7.

Yeah thinking I should install it on my next install and have a fresh drive to go in my fudged laptop but not had the chance. Currently don’t have all the driver and things for Win7 and I know I can get XP running again pretty damned quickly, whereas Win7 will take me ages to get everything sorted.

Maybe get WinXP on, get my lappy off the CD, then within a couple of weeks kick my own arse in gear and make the move.

Or has anybody managed to get WinXP, Win7 and Linux all on a different partition of the same drive? Managed 2x WinXP or 1 WinXP plus Linux in the past but never 2x WinXP plus Linux which is why I’m worried I’d struggle…

Renoise X.Y as the start menu shortcut name makes more sense.
Otherwise in XP your most used programmes list can look like “renoise, renoise, renoise” and in 7, start typing ren… to get to it quickly and all version appear with no way to tell them apart.

Bumping this as it’s especially useful for Beta rounds where you might have the stable and the new beta open at once to compare and start to get a little confused as to which is which.