Renoisee v3.0.1 update for Linux -- cpu heavy, and jittery output..

Hey Y’all!
I’ve been using Renoise v3.0.0 exclusively on Debian .
( AVLinux )
I did the upgrade to 3.0.1 and getting unexplained jitters and rather high cpu loads on playback-- so have reverted to 3.0.0
Has anyone noticed this in the Linux userbase?

Sorta keen to know other Renoise users in Linux land to boot …
Loving Renoise3 experience this minor niggle aside…

Happy new year Renoisers!!

Straightforward debian here.

No jitters, no CPU problems, nothing.

Runs just fine, even when I start piling on effects.

Mind you, I had to buy a new computer because my old one died, and I have a fairly beefy modern AMD CPU so I have a lot of head room and a decent size of cache.

Can you quantify your performance issues? How much CPU time spread across how many cores?

Another thing which might be an issue if you have an Intel CPU is hyperthreading. Sometimes that turns out to be a performance deficit rather than benefit when dealing with certain kinds of load. You can probably turn it off in your BIOS.

Hope that helps.