Renoise's Lfo Device - Know Of A Thidparty Option?

I love the Renoise LFO device. Its so easy to use but would love to see it BMP syncable.

Anyway, does anyone know if there is a similar plugin that can be used outside of RENOISE.

I use SONAR also and would love such a plugin. Not a MIDI CC Modulator though. Trying avoid these

You can’t get metadevices as plugins. Most synths and sequencers these days have LFOs built in ;)

… that being said, Renoise’s LFO frequency is measured in “LPC” which I do believe means “lines per cycle”… and is most definitely synced to BPM already :D

your workaround (please dont cry johann) could be a subhost/chainer vst like energyXT or bidule vst.
these plugs got some modular environment so
you can connect and modulate any midi plugin like you wish …

Not sure I understand the difference here.

In RENOISE this Metadevice does not look like it has anything to do with midi CC’s.

I know of plugins for CUBASE SONAR etc that can do similar things by using MIDI CC’s.

I’m hoping that there is a plugin that will work similar to RENOISE and not involve midi. Some FX I have will not respond to midi CC’s