Renoise's license and YouTube: A follow up from about a year ago.

Hello there!

I posted this topic on the forum a bit ago:

Note the posts I made later on with updates about the situation.

I was curious if there was any progress regarding YouTube’s commercial license requirement and Renoise! I did a quick review of the terms and didn’t see anything related to whether or not we can use our creations for profit. Note, too, that I have a registered version of Renoise.

I do ever so hope this is solved. I am getting excited about my brother and I’s projects!

Thank you very much, all!

Are you sure this is right? I don’t believe YouTube would be asking for this… maybe they’re just asking if you own the rights for the music itself? For example, I had my stuff taken off soundcloud, because it was released on a label, and they needed proof that I was allowed to post my own material. Maybe your brother read the email the wrong way? If not, it would be fairly sensational news…

usually this is indeed about the audio content. If you would post video’s with silence, you usually won’t hear a thing from Youtube. (Unless you are leaking secret Apple prototype information)