Reordering Instruments (drag & Drap)

Why would Renoise shuffle the instruments around in memory, instead of changing in which order they are displayed?

I do not notice any real delay on a new/small song, but on a full song with a lot of patterns there is definitely some rather bad lag. I assume that it comes from searching the entire song to replace all the notes belonging to that instrument.

It does seem like there could be a more efficient way to handle this, but I’m not sure if simply changing the displayed order is the best way. It could be slightly confusing or distracting if the instrument list was all mixed up:

01 - Vst: Junglist  
04 - Vst: QuadraSID  
03 - drumloop  
1C - kick  
09 - snare  
06 - some other sample  
08 - blah blah   
0F - weeeee  

Difficult to say really.

Or perhaps you simply mean that the order 01, 02, 03, etc. should be maintained to the user, but that Renoise should somehow remap the actual numbers internally to prevent confusion for the user? That might get a bit messy from a programming point of view?


slaps forehead

Yeah, that’s probably it, what was I thinking about shuffling the samples around in memory :lol:

Nah, it’s okay then… but then again - what about a context menu entry for the instrument list, something like “sort patterns” in the ‘arranger’? Because I’d rather shuffle the samples around and then have Renoise tidy up the numbers all at once…

But as long as Renoise isn’t doing anything weird as I’ve imagined it’s all good :D