Repeat After Me - Line Sync (And Built In Synth)

For Phaser, Flanger… etc. A basic feature, available for Delay for example but not for other effects… I am geek but still don’t like to calculate how long 1/4 of pattern is in miliseconds :)

or have I missed something?

use the delay to calculate them.

yea, that’s brilliant idea :) up to a point until I decide to change bpm :) and then change it for every possible effect combination on each track.

hacks…hacks… we need the real (native) thing, not another hack! and it doesn’t beat the on/off checkbox!

If that is to much work for you, you are doomed.

I am not actually contrary to your opinion :) Nexus 2 VST does the job pretty much effortlessly and it doesn’t even have non line synced effects, but it would be way better if integrated effects would have this option as well. And not necessary for me alone but for the benefit of everyone. C’mon, the calculations are already built in, it just needs to be added as checkbox to the rest of effects too. Hardly a quantum leap but much of a convenience.

Remember that in Fruity Loops or Reason you have all the stuff integrated and you rarely ever need external VST which in Renoise is still not the case. Not that I’m switching to Fruity Loops or Reason (ever!) but I’m just pointing in the right direction here (also, think built-in scalable synthesizer new songs could expect to be present - remember Noisetrekker? - Currently Renoise has effects and sample-based instruments but not sound generator effects, you know, saw, sine, noise… :) Think built-in (synthesizer) sound-generator preset library contributed by users… etc.

But let’s keep it simple, line-sync for all effects as first step :)

I’m a little confused. On one hand you want user contributions, on the other hand you call them hacks. Who’s this “we” you are talking about?


IMHO the only difference between Lua and “native” is at least I can write or modify the Lua code and I’m not a hostage to other people’s time.

Beggars can’t be choosers, but coders can.

Sure, and no one is arguing against this. “We” are just trying to help you out by showing what’s possible now already. E.g answering your initial question of: or have I missed something?

Lua based synth is fine. As long as it is made a part of “standard” package. Perhaps the team should then choose the most appropriate packages and make them a part of official package.

Besides, this particular synth is more like a waveform generator that saves them into XRNI than real synth, and unfortunately it is pretty much basic, not to be used for anything serious. It has no pre-made sounds. I am one of those lazy ones that likes to use premade sounds. Some people like to browse through parameters for centuries to get that perfect saw of sine. Not me. In case if it would be built-in synth, people here would contribute with their own parameters, eventually contributing to synth sound library.

I am talking here about the redistributable standard for the songs itself. If you want to distribute a song in a source format it may have a certain dependencies - to at least minimize these external dependencies as much as possible.

is it really that difficult to find a free synth on kvr??

sorry that might come accross as a bit narcy, but if the devs go working on a native synth, i hate to think all the bugs that could arise, im sure theres still millions left from incorporating lua, which has been a great boon to the nerdy trackers everywhere, and something that i beleive hasnt made it into anyother daw, (reaper has jesussonic for audio,but that can be used as vst too…) live has max, which rocks, but costs an arm and a leg, on top of ableton.

I don’t care what I use when I do songs that I will be playing myself. It can be VST. The suggestion is primarily to give added value to songs that need to be self-contained but have a decent features within.

My original comment was for the built in line-sync which is more important to me.

Go on then, mission for you.

Find a good sounding, flexible synth which I can run on my Windows machine, send to myself and open up and work on the project on my Linux laptop and then send the file to a friend to do some work on it on their Apple Mac.

Loomer Aspect?

Also does it really work for cross compatibility? People I know using large commercial plugins (the likes of Native Instruments) have often found that even having the same plugin installed on both Windows and Mac machines does not actually mean you can successfully load projects using said plugins between systems and have everything working and playing back as it should.

Yes: I’ve just tested this with Renoise 2.7.2. I created a quick project with Aspect on Mac OS X, and then successfully opened the xrns project on Linux 32-bit. No remapping of presets or plug-ins required: it just worked - nicely done Renoise devs! Seeing as it works fine between these two platforms, I’m assuming it’ll also work for Windows and Linux 64-bit. I’ll test this a little later on if I have the time.